I'd like to see the link text for "more information about formatting options" be configurable, so that a site admin could call this whatever he or she wants.

Also, it would be better if the link opened a new window, popup, or perhaps make use of beautytips on mouseover rather than navigating the user away from the node they are working on and potentially could lose because they have navigated away from it.


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You can already change the link text at admin/settings/filters/settings and you can hide it per role in user/permissions

I agree a pop-up would be better. I will look at adding that to the roadmap.

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Version: 6.x-1.0 » 6.x-1.1

It's not so clear that you can hide it removing the permissions.
I suggest to add a link with a small text inside the module settings (admin/settings/filters/settings) , inside the control fieldset.
This will enable a user to easily find how to remove this link.

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Marked #723420: Link: More information about formatting options should open in a new window as duplicate of this.

It has some code that might be usable.

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