Hi rjerome -

I'm hoping to use Biblio to organize a journal. But currently there doesn't seem to be a great way to do that, though it seems almost perfect for the job, and the other benefits of Biblio make it worth trying to do -- hopefully this feature isn't a square peg in a round hole?

There's this issue #119751: Sorting/filtering by Journal Title - success, but I know a lot has changed since then -- also, since there was 'success' in that issue, it might be good to preserve that issue for people working with the 5.x version.

My 6.x questions are:
1. Is there more to adding this feature request in the 6.x branch, or is the same solution from that other issue still basically the same?
2. The Journal / issue fields could autocomplete?
3. And I also wonder if there's a good way to integrate with the book module (for organizing various content including journal articles within a single issue), aside from just adding Biblio nodes into a book outline. For instance, the Top page in the journal's book outline could be linkable next to the name of the Journal/Issue, maybe something like the way 'Abstract' currently links to the node, 'View issue' could link to the top page in the journal's book outline. If the Journal/issue fields were sortable, do you think the link i just described could be themeable or potentially a configurable option (I ask that because obviously not everyone using Biblio would want to link to a journal)?
4. I assume now there should also be views integration, though I'm not sure where this is at overall with the other fields - do you think this would be an important part of this feature, and if so do you see this as particularly tricky in the current state of Bibliio?


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Hi Scott,

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "organize a journal", but if you mean accept and track article submissions, track peer reviews, compile journal from submitted articles... etc., then Biblio is not really the tool for you. Perhaps you could elaborate a bit on your use case (contact me via my contact page if you don't want to post this info in a public forum).



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Hi Ron,

It's ok to post here for now. No, i don't mean managing editorial workflow for reviewing and publishing a journal -- I meant making the contents of an existing journal more accessible online, with options to browse by date, author, article, and issue. This particular journal is a medical journal btw (though i think that's only relevant when it comes to style). This seems to be what Biblio is very good at already -- and the client is psyched about the possibility of conforming to a standard presentation convention and possibly integrating with other bibliographic databases -- so Biblio seems to be the best module to use.

What I want to do is allow site users to view the contents of an entire journal online, rather than just some of it's contents -- so not only journal articles, but also the journal cover, editor's note, tabular info, etc. It seems the book module is perfect for organizing this (similar to how handbooks are organized on d.o), while only some of the journal's content is appropriate to create as 'biblio' nodes (like journal articles, etc). The only reason I bring this up as a Biblio feature request is that while users can browse the journal's articles, and even view the contents of an article which may be part of a book (module) outline that contains non-biblio nodes (as completely independent solutions), there currently doesn't seem to be a good way to integrate the two beyond that for users looking to browse the contents of an entire journal.

After thinking more about this, I'm thinking the following could work:
1. Offer 'Journal' Publication Type (rather than only 'Journal article'). We could optionally use this as the top page in a book outline.
2. Add 'View Journal' field (available within 'Journal article' nodes, below 'Journal' field), which could list existing 'Journal' publication-types as select options.
3. Display this 'View Journal' field in biblio results as a link, similar to the 'Abstract' link.
4. Sorting/filtering by journal within Biblio: Make the 'Journal', 'Volume' and 'Issue' fields (within 'Journal article' nodes) autocomplete fields, and allow sorting/filtering by these fields (when sorting by 'Journal', for example, next sort alphanumerically by 'Volume', then 'Issue' so all can be browsed easily).

Rather than just hacking/patching Biblio for a specific client, I'd like to help provide these features in a way that's most in line with the goals of the module -- partly for our own maintainability, and also in case others might want a similar feature. So my last question is, if you think others might also want to sort by journal title and/or integrate with an entire online journal using book outline, and if so would you consider advising on / including this feature in the module (as long as a proper solution can be found)?

Edit: #1 I see it's already possible to add custom publication types. So I'm just looking for advice about the best way to accomplish # 2, 3 & 4.

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OK, so if I understand correctly, you want to have a reference back to some "Journal" node (probably a Book node) from each biblio entry (Journal Article) which relates to that "Journal"?

I think a lot of this could be done with Views, perhaps with some tweaks to the existing biblio/views code. I could see where a Views "node reference" could be used to refer back to the journal and I think this would also add the requisite link. Similarly, sorting and filtering could be done with Views (with a little additional code in the biblio_views.inc file).

So bottom line... To make this happen I think we would need to focus on the Views support.


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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

Hi Ron,
Yes i agree this should be achievable using Views (I didn't realize this was possible already). So I'll try to do this and get back to you if it seems that some biblio code tweaks are necessary (but maybe not!). Marking as duplicate of #234891: Views integration in the meantime -- Thanks :)

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Since there is a 1 to 1 relationship between a journal entry and its bibliography, #682044: Support fields (CCK) in D7 Bibliography Module is also a possible solution as it would allow integration of biblio fields directly into the journal fields.

Now standard normalization procedures this would break back down into needing a separate biblio node with node references if the journal had different bibliography types or if there wasn't a 1 to 1 relationship for some reason.