I have been searching for a (simple) task management module (very similar to a to-do list module). The project module is too sophisticated for my taste and the event module has been made for a different purpose. The only task management module I found does not run on 4.6.

My vision is to have a module that allows me to store tasks in a title (maybe even without a body/description), associated them with one or more categories of tasks and attach a priority (very much like a task list in most PIM applications such as MS Outlook). If a task was completed, I would like to be able to mark the task as "completed" but keep it for reference. Of course, different ways of sorting would be nice as would be email reminders. I favor a KISS approach with a simple UI that makes it convenient and fast to enter new tasks and edit existing tasks.

Has someone implemented such a module or is willing to do so?


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I don't know if this is the task mgt module you found. If it isn't, perhaps it will answer your needs. It is cvs though, so I don't know if it will work in 4.6:

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i've made this module for 4.7 and I use it internally in my company. It is actively being developed for this reason, but I have no plans to release it for 4.6.

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There are two different modules:Task and Tasklist.

Are they used together or are they completely independent?

I also wonder if there are any plans to merge this project with the project module? There is a long discussion here for a better project module.

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The tasklist module is a module I use in my company, and at the moment its being developed to serve our purpose. If other people find the module useful, and start using it, then perhaps the module will find a way to become better integrated with project.module and cvslog.module.

Yes, tasklist (tasks.module) is separate from task.module. I believe I've coded it in such a way that it should be possible to run both at the same time though, if e.g. you want to evaluate them both against each other.

The tasklist module is being actively developed at the moment whilst I believe tasks.module may not be.