I was trying to run a manual cron job and forgot to add .php to the url but when I entered:

The url redirects me to sedoparking.com/domparking.php?id=415788&u=http://www.example.com/system-bin/php5exe/cron

what gives? Hosting is via 1and1 and their 'support' is always lacking.

Every other 'bad' url that I have tried is correctly handled by Drupal. Why is this one url appear hijacked? And how do I know if others are too?


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It seems that your hosting company has DNS problems of some sort.

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Yeah that's what I am thinking too. Of course trying to get 1and1 to solve that is near impossible. I imagine I could solve it with a redirect in the htaccess file but that doesn't help me know how many other pages/urls are doing the same thing.

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why is this one 404 url redirecting to somewhere else? Its doing this on every Drupal powered site on 1and1.

updated - 1and1 finally came back with a more realistic answer. Its a direct copy paste (their lang skills are a little short):

This two URLs namely: example.com/call and example.com/cro is working fine since this two directories namely call and cro is not existing on your 1and1 webspace in which according to your .htaccess configuration specifically on your mod_rewrite, they will just be redirected on your example.com homepage. This URL now example.com/cron is not redirected on a different server page but instead it's being redirected on your 1and1 error 404 holding page. It's because your /cron folder is being adapted on your cron.php file inside your /drupal-6.12 directory which now contradicts on your .htaccess configuration specifically on your mod_rewrite part. As you can see there, if you will rename your cron.php let say to xcron.php, your example.com/cron will now display fine without any problem. So what you gonna do now, is to check your mod_rewrite directives inside your .htaccess file which is for your cron directory.

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i will go away from 1and1 to save my time ....

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Reading that gave me an headache...

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Seriously. I've heard nothing but bad reports about them, as well as having a particularly bad experience myself: they double-charged me one month, then terminated my account and switched off my server without notice when I had the audacity to complain.

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I wasn’t aware with this terminology DNS Hijacking, but I usually observe a redirection. I asked my friend who is a bit tech savvy, he guided me through this blog and i was thinking this is because of slow internet or something else 😦

is this the same thing?