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Before filing a bug or support request on image module, please check the following:


- Have you cleared your cache? If you're unsure how to do this, install either Admin menu or Devel module.
- Are you really using image module? This sounds daft but lots of modules are called image_something or something_image.
- Are you using Drupal core uploads (or another module that makes use of them) on image nodes?
- Is your image node type really being handled by image module? If you made your own node type called 'image' before installing image module, then image module cannot function properly.
- Is your files directory correctly set up? See for more steps.

Image import

- Symptom: User has import_image module: import images permission, drupal has filesystem r/w permissions, but import silently fails. Failure is logged as error without helpful information.
- Remedy: The import image permission controls access to the import tool, but is not sufficient to actually execute the import. Give the import permission to a user you want to be listed in the node as the image owner and also give him image module: create images permission.

Image gallery

- Does the image gallery vocabulary exist?
- Does it have terms?
- Is it assigned to image nodes? Check [x] image in Admin -> Categories (Taxonomies in D6?) -> Image Galleries (or whatever your gallery category is called).
- Does image gallery module correctly recognize this as the gallery vocabulary? Use devel module to check the value of the 'image_gallery_nav_vocabulary' variable -- it should be the vocabulary ID of the Image Galleries vocabulary.
- See views support below too.

Views support

- Are you actually using views? Are you actually looking at the gallery view? The admin hover links should appear if you are; also Firebug will confirm that the DIVs have views classes.
- There are two gallery views that combine: one for nodes, one for terms. Are you editing the right one?
- If you've previously used a path alias for /image, you may need to set the path directly in the view.
- If you set a different path for the gallery view, then standard taxonomy term links will not go to the view. You will need to either set the view field up to output differently, or use taxonomy_redirect module to output the term links for the galleries vocab to go to your view's path.

Update issues

If you are updating image module from a previous 6.x-1.0 alpha or beta, some of the following apply:

- You should clear all your caches after installing a new version, including the theme registry and the Views cache.
- If you previously installed alphas or betas, you will get errors like this on update (more details: #568440: Error During DB Update from Alpha 6 to Beta 1: IMAGE & IMAGE ATTACH 6100 Failed). They are harmless and may be ignored:

Failed: ALTER TABLE {image} DROP INDEX image_fid
Failed: ALTER TABLE {image_attach} DROP PRIMARY KEY
Failed: ALTER TABLE {image_attach} DROP INDEX iid

- image galleries are now made with views, and have a different layout. You will need to set the width and height of the gallery items in your theme stylesheet. Alternatively, help test this patch: #564488: Allow users to specify gallery LI size. Help with #575790: cross-browser support for gallery style is also needed.
- From BETA 3 or earlier: You should rebuild all your image derivatives immediately prior to updating: this should prevent this update error: #583076: Error on Database Updates for 6100 when upgrading to Beta3: 'duplicate entry' for primary key.
- From BETA 2 or earlier: Image attach has new permissions. You will need to assign these to your roles.
- From BETA 2 or earlier: If you have created views with the Attached images field, you will need to remove it and re-add the new field for multiple images.
- From ALPHA 5 or 6 and the Attached images block is still not showing, see for a fix.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


marcus178’s picture

This confused me a bit so here's how to do it. Normally you would changed the path in views, in my case I was wanting to change it to photos, but unfortunately this does not work. To update the path you need to install the taxonomy_redirect module which redirects the image path to whatever you want.

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I'm using Image Module (ImageGallery) + View (Drupal6 + image-6.x-1.0-beta5)
After i created gallery at added images through upload, all images i added don't show, because at generated HTML there is wrong path to images

img src="
instead of this one img src=""


Is it possible to fix this ?

SamFlushing’s picture

Problem was fixed at the following way

Go to
and change public mode (HTTP) to private (Drupal handling)

joachim’s picture

What??? You really shouldn't use private files for images unless there is a compelling reason -- such as privacy. You're slowing your whole site down!

siva_qus’s picture

I have installed image-6.x-1.0-beta5.tar.gz, image_gallery_access-6.x-1.0-rc2.tar.gz,acl-6.x-1.2.tar.gz modules for make a image(photo) gallery . I need to restrict image galley access like create image gallery , edit and delete image gallery. But if I give administrator image gallery privillege all the persons will edit and delete any galley. How do I restrict?