In drupal 5 and Views 1 we had an possibility to add separately filters for each component of the date field.

For example,

For the displaying list of users birthday today (in drupal 5 and views 1) I added the next filters:

month == now
day == now

and the year is unimportant.

in drupal 6 and views 2 I cant add separately filters, I just can add date field completely including the year.

Certanly it doesnt allow me to create the birthdays today list.

After all, those who was born in 2009 hardly will manage to be registered on a site.)))


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Category:bug» feature
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This is not a critical bug report, it is a feature request.

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This bug because this feature was in past version (I mean 5.x) and users will conflict with a problem at an upgrade.

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Status:Closed (duplicate)» Active

I don't see this as a duplicate of #313498: Add granularity to Date Field filter & sort criteria in Views for anniversary type events, rather it's about being able to filter on the discrete date segments. For example, I have a document library and each document has a date. I have an exposed filter with the granularity of "month." If a user selects only the year, they get all the documents from January of that year. Apparently blank gets forced to 1.

Also, if a user doesn't select the year and only selects the month, the view filter isn't applied at all. I'd expect that documents from that month, regardless of year, would appear.

This issue is related to #374861: Exposed date filters not filtering properly when granularity is set to "month".

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Unless someone replies | this is applicable to D7, I will close within 90 days given the age of the issue. "Bump."

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Excuse me, but I don't understand your comment. What do you want to say?

This issue isn't resolved yet.

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The date filter should be split by each component, as requested. This is exatly what I require.
If this was possible in D5, then I would consider it a regression, and as such a bug. There is a similar thread in the Views issue, that seems to have been forgotten about.

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