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MD5: b697ae0e09dcd5a282abf2d6c41284e5
SHA-1: a44ccf7520f4bef7786651f68e9070285ff9ad12
SHA-256: 112267dcdea77e6d2504b1f74da1a10dd9c2a8cb418d81932ab6dea4ddab39bb
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MD5: 002ac506c23b31f78e8fbbbc1098f1f1
SHA-1: 756b3da3140cf71b34b99427bf99e56aa49c3239
SHA-256: 1430e70b3be9f21113b05aea59a9656b5934acda328117323b9518ab7a31dfd3

Release info

Created by: sun
Created on: May 17, 2009 - 01:23
Last updated: May 17, 2009 - 01:26
Core compatibility: 5.x
Release type: New features

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-5--0-5:

  • #341267 by sun: Added support for extensions that do not need to be loaded.
  • #341996 by sun: Fixed editor cannot be re-enabled with one input format only.
  • #341267 by sun: Fixed improper test for internal editor plugins.
  • #343217 by sun: Fixed improperly capitalized library script name for nicEdit.
  • #342864 by davexoxide, sun: Added YUI editor support.
  • #283823 by sun: Fixed list of dependencies in README.txt.
  • #348986 by sun: Added CSS class for toggle link container.
  • #348317 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE's extended_valid_elements for advlink plugin.
  • #348317 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE's extended_valid_elements for advimage plugin.
  • #352703 by sun: Fixed wrong default configuration options for TinyMCE 3.2.1+.
  • #352295 by sun: Added markItUp editor support.
  • #342376 by sun: Extended API to allow "preprocess" JavaScript option for some editors.
  • #360696 by sun: Fixed IE does not trigger onChange event when selecting an input format.
  • #361289 by sun: Fixed CSS files do not need to use media 'screen'.
  • #344230 by wwalc: Fixed wrong editor base path setting for FCKeditor.
  • #331089 by sun: Fixed PHP notice for 'user_choose'; FCKeditor clean-up.
  • #331089 by wwalc, sun: Added custom toolbar configuration support for FCKeditor.
  • #352938 by sun: Fixed JS error (blank page) in IE when plugins are loaded.
  • #364782 by sun: Fixed theme stylesheets not properly loaded.
  • #319363 by sun: Follow-up: Synced 1.x with 2.x where possible.
  • #367632 by sun: Fixed invalid JavaScript syntax.
  • #367632 by sun: Fixed "Unexpected identifier, string or number" error in IE.
  • #319363 by sun, quicksketch: Rewrote editor plugin API. The new plugin API allows Drupal modules to expose editor plugins for ANY editor without implementing editor-specific code. Major milestone for better content-editing in Drupal.
  • #370277 by sun: Fixed "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token" in IE/Chrome.
  • #319363 by sun: Fixed incomplete back-port of plugin API rewrite patch.
  • #372806 by sun: Fixed block format configuration form element description.
  • #373542 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE: entity_encoding 'raw' removes HTML entities.
  • #287025 by sun: Fixed native editor plugin options for TinyMCE and FCKeditor.
  • #373672 by chawl: Added (native) xhtmlextras plugin for TinyMCE 3.
  • #319363 by sun: Fixed missing spacer.gif for Teaser break plugin.
  • #367632 by sun: Fixed $this and i JavaScript variables defined in global scope.
  • #376400 by TwoD: Fixed bad grammar in help text on profile overview page.
  • #369115 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE's URL conversion magic breaks some input filters.
  • #359626 by sun: Fixed external/Drupal plugins are not loaded for all profiles.
  • #390224 by hass: Fixed JS error YAHOO.widget.Editor is not a constructor.
  • #380586 by sun, hass: YUI editor: Fixed version detection.
  • #308912 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE: Buttons do not wrap in IE/Chrome.
  • #385736 by sun: Fixed markItUp: Wrong editor library location.
  • #390460 by sun: Fixed broken plugin loading due to #359626.
  • #385974 by sun: Fixed form element description for CSS path (for Define CSS).
  • #394068 by StephaneC: markItUp: Fixed icons not displayed due to #385736.
  • #319363 by Grugnog2: Fixed theme_render_template() does not exist in 5.x.
  • #398848 by sun: Added support for TinyMCE 3.1.
  • #380698 by TwoD, sun: Added Drupal plugin support for FCKeditor (part I).
  • #380698 by TwoD: Added Drupal plugin support for FCKeditor.
  • #404532 by TwoD: Fixed Teaser break comment stripped in IE.
  • #416742 by sun: Fixed type casting of $profile in profile configuration form.
  • #414768 by sun: Fixed Wysiwyg API not working in Konqueror.
  • #419696 by sun: Fixed native plugins plugins are not loaded for all profiles.
  • #454992 by sun: Fixed drupal_get_js() query string 'q' breaks plugin loading.
  • #325657 by elgreg: Fixed blog form alteration must only apply to Blog module.
  • #403728 by jfduchesneau: Fixed none.js breaks if textarea.js is not loaded.