I really like this module as it will make it possible to have much better titles for taxonomy pages.

However, since I have to individually set unique titles for each term it limits it real use. For many vocabularies it would be enough to be able to create a vocabulary pattern that then are automatically used for every term in that particular vocabulary unless a unique title has been set for an individual term.

A real estate company is listing its offerings and each property is tagged with location.

Then for the location vocabulary I could set a pattern "Properties in the [term] area".

I think something like this would enhance the usability and flexibility a lot. Even better, it would save a lot of work both adding titles to each term and then the pain of having to remember to add titles for every new term added, especially if they are added in Tag mode directly in the content types.

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+1 to adding this feature. Subscribing,

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+1. subscribing

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Sounds like you are asking for token support. #575440: Provide token for taxonomy title - code have code... marking this case as duplicate.

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I guess he is not asking for tokens that could be used in other modules.

He is asking for a way to define a taxonomy title pattern in the vocabulary so we don’t have to input manually each taxonomy title for each term.

I think this is an important feature request.

Does anyone knows a way to implement this?

Thanks allot for your time.

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+1. Unfortunately this module is rather limited for sites that have user generated content (with free tagging).

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I have a need for this. I can create the module, if this is possible. First I need to figure out if it is even possible without screwing up something else.

For example, I would want to make it work with Taxonomy Title (module), so that individual pages can still be customized... but pattern would be applied if set on add.

I can foresee a need for bulk updating, if a pattern is changed, having the option to update already added terms with new pattern.

So the features so far:

Add a new taxonomy term title pattern
must enter pattern as well as set which Vocabulary it applies to.
When Terms are added, then there will most likely be a hook that catches the title and alters it with the pattern.
Also, as mentioned, a feature to update ALL terms in one vocab using provided pattern.

I would like to consider other features that might make this a more useful module to you. Please add any features you can think of so I can consider implementing them.

Can anyone help me validate this? will this work? should I make a new module for it? if so what shall I call it? Taxonomy Title Patterns? or something better



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Has this issue been worked on further? I too have free tags and would like the H1 title to be "Articles: [uppercase free tag term]", but that doesn't seem doable with this module yet.

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It sounds like we need to do two things:

1) Add a configuration to the vocabulary form allowing people to set default patterns that can be used for all the terms within.
2) Allow the setting on an individual term to still override this vocabulary-wide default.

* I don't see a need here for a new token, we just need to make use of existing tokens (like term name) in the vocabulary pattern.
* I also don't see any reason to bulk update anything. If the individual term has a title, we'll use that, if not, we'll use the pattern established for the vocabulary.

This is a great feature request, I welcome patches! :)

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This seems to be a necessity for very large taxonomies (thousands+ as in my case), how many hours are we looking at adding this? I'm not a coder, just wondering how many hours someone would expect to code this?

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This is a great feature request, I'm sorry it took me so long to get to it. I would like to include this in the next release, so would love it if anyone wants to give this a test.

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Here's another go. Fixed a bug so that it won't default each term to the vocab wide settings.

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One last change. This is a UX improvement that adds the global default pattern into the description text on each term-edit page. Having a real example there will help editors determine whether they need to override the global default, or if it will be sufficient for the term.

  • jenlampton committed cd4667b on 7.x-1.x
    Issue #461756 by jenlampton: Be able to create global pattern for terms
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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.