from this post http://drupal.org/node/354445 I got the impression that this problem was due to Imagefield and that it had been resolved. I apologise if I have misread/misunderstood.
However, I am still suffering the problem that HS becomes disabled following a file upload. I have tried disabling the Imagefield Module but that doesnt help. It doesnt seem to matter what type of file I upload either (.doc, .gif, .html).
I am using D6.11, Filefield 6.x-3.0 and Imagefield 6.x-3.0.


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Maybe the bug has been reintroduced.

They must either be overwriting Drupal.settings or not calling Drupal.attachBehaviors() correctly.

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Any suggestions?
Love the module and would be broken-hearted to have to disable it :(

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Title:File Upload Breaks HS» FileField breaks Hierarchical Select
Project:Hierarchical Select» FileField
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I won't have time to look into this any time soon.

Moving to the FileField issue queue as it really is their responsibility.

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This should already be fixed in CVS and should be corrected in the 3.1 release. Please reopen if this problem is still occuring in the latest versions.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.