I do not believe that Facebook provides any status update feeds, at least with the link provided and a thorough search using google.


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They still provide the feeds, but they appear to have made it impossible to find them. Probably intentionally.

I'm looking for another way to get to the data without requiring you to register your site as a Facebook application.

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If there's a way to get the statuses from a public profile (without screen scrapping) please let me know!

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Title: Facebook no longer providing status update feeds? » Facebook no longer providing status update feeds? (SOLVED)
Status: Active » Fixed

OK, the mystery has been solved, at least until Facebook breaks it.

Here's how to get your status as an RSS feed.

1. Log into facebook.
2. Click on "Inbox."
3. Click on the "Notifications" tab.
4. Find the RSS link under "Subscribe to notifications" and copy it. THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT LINK but it contains essential information.
5. COPY the link URL arguments -- everything to the right of the "?" in the URL. This should looks something like id=563407515&viewer=563407515&key=1234aa32e7&format=rss20.
6. Paste it after http://www.facebook.com/feeds/status.php?

You now have a feed URL that will deliver YOUR status updates. You should TEST THIS URL using a browser that is NOT logged into Facebook. If you get an RSS feed containing your updates, this is valid, and you should paste it into the configuration at administer -> setttings -> Facebook status.

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This does NOT work for me:
according to the above directions.
IE reports:
"The website declined to show this webpage"
(After picking up the settings when logged in on FireFox.

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The key is missing. key=some number. Try it again with Firefox and see if a key shows up when you view the notification feed.

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It does not work for me. I suppose Facebook has seen that people were still using feeds and has removed the script. It shows me a message saying that those feeds are no more available.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

doesnt work anymore. another solution someone!?

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Title: Facebook no longer providing status update feeds? (SOLVED) » Facebook no longer providing status update feeds?

changed title

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I wonder if this is a permissions issue in Facebook. My settings are:

Profile: Everyone
All other settings: My network and Friends

... and I have no issues getting data from my feed.

My wife's account is configured with all privacy settings at "Only friends."

Her RSS feed doesn't work.

Could you experiment and report back?

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I've recently tried to implement this for my wife, and like everyone else it didn't work. But it does work fine for me, and we've got exactly the same permissions set.

What I've been reading elsewhere is that for people with older facebook accounts this will still work. But for people with newer accounts it won't work. And it doesn't look like anyone has found a reliable workaround.

I'm guessing facebook is trying to cut-down on people's ability to access facebook content from outside of the facebook website.

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What Mike said in #11 is probably correct. Facebook undoubtedly wants to generate traffic directly to their site for [future] revenue-generation [read: advertising]. It is quite commonplace for websites to launch sans advertising and then when the subscriber base reaches some predefined plateau, to sell ads.
I would be interested in knowing what date(s) the subscribers of this issue have tried for their various facebook accounts. Personally, I have had no luck with Facebook accoiunts as old as 24 months.
Brian Brown, Ph.D.

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Facebook has released a widget to do this.
Check out:
I created a couple of pages with the code from these badges, then used a view with the rotor type to rotate through the peoples statuses I wanted shown.


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For friends' statuses try the following:
1. Go to http://www.facebook.com/notes.php?friends
2. Copy the link to “My Friends’ Notes”
3. Replace “friends_notes” with “friends_status”

For your own status updates:
1. Go to http://www.facebook.com/notifications.php
2. Click on "Subscribe to Notifications" link to obtain correct URL
3. Replace "notifications" in the URL to "status" leaving all of the other portions the same
eg: http://www.facebook.com/feeds/notifications.php?id=XXXXXXX&viewer=XXXXXX... should be http://www.facebook.com/feeds/status.php?id=XXXXXXX&viewer=XXXXXXX&key=X...

Note that these fixes may only work for "older" facebook accounts