I haven't figured out why yet but .. for some reason when viewing calendar views the table they produce becomes thousands of pixles wide and moves to the right.

I tried flushing out all of the framework bits from the .inc and template.php --- no luck with that.

I also noticed that this theme cannot be viewed in Internet Explorer, its majorly unnavigable & wreaked. I hate internet Explorer, I dont envy what your going to have to go through to get it to work there.

That said I really like the theme a lot, its quite nice indeed! ....cant wait to see what you do with it! Keep up the good work!

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Could you please show us a screenshot for that issue?

This theme doesn't test for (our beloved) IE yet (and we know bugs are all around there ;). Various UIs are not ready for using, we just polished overall graphic style (and hope it's time to fight in code battle - anyone could be a bug hunter for this theme).

Anyway, Thanks for your encouragement.

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It really is a beautiful theme, superb blend of color space and light imagery ... Im on crunch time right now with my current project, but I will be more than happy to help out with stuff on your theme. I can definitely see using it with tweaks to fit most any website style.

I'll have to reinstall the theme again to re-test in order to get some screens .. its pretty easy to test the calendar thing though.... Just make a views calendar setup. http://drupal.org/project/calendar with month day year week views .. some but not all of the tables will spill out to the right very far, when viewing the page. Maybe its something with the margin-right:100% thats on the page area container? Im not sure as I didn't have much time to get into it too far. I will though as soon as I get some time. Thanks for starting such a nice theme! Its probably the slickest one yet on offer.

I wish the world would abandon Internet Explorer.... the new version 8 is also a bloated piece of crapware. Its sad but they just aren't up to the task of building a basic web browser, much less a good one. You would think with all those resources they could do better. As it stands I have lost several months of my life to the pain IE brings, lol. Ive totally dropped supporting anything but IE7 ... 5/6 just aren't worth it. Besides if someone is using 5 or 6 then they deserve to suffer lol, ill not be suffering for them any longer!

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Ok here is a snapshot .. I dont have a live testsite up, but I prolly could slap one together if need be, this behavior has me stumped. I have tried adding all sorts of containers around the main page content area, nothings worked so far. Im beginning to think that the calendar table really doesn't like the setup you used to pull the left and right colums from the centre (I have tried without the right column in use[with same results]) ... possibly its something to do with the 100% negative right margin on the #main-content. I couldn't figure it out though. Im still not sure if this is strictly a calendar module problem or something specific in the theme.

This has me stumped, usually I can figure out with a little firebuggin! Did you test calendar on your dev?

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Title: Table's gone wild - Complete IE failure » Table's gone wild - IE 7 has issues

Looks like IE is much better .. everything is together now (but the calendar) .. all i see are some background issues with the blocks switching anytime I click on a jquery_menu expander icon, quite strange actually it fades them out partially with alpha transparency on a n angle. Way weird!

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The reason why I use 100% negative right margin for layouting is there -> alistapart.com/articles/holygrail to allow main content column to appear (almost) first in the source.

Thanks for your test and snapshot. Inevitably, Drupal TABLE elements always pain themer but I'll try Calendar module ASAP.

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I figured it out, why.

Duplication of class name (.inner VS .inner), theme's .inner class will add margin 230px to #main-content for sidebar spacing that's reason why Calendar module's .inner's gone wild (or too wide).

I'll change that theme element class name to something else to fix this issue and commit the new file soon.

Thanks for your report.

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Committed (#210378 and #210380).

Check it out there -> studio.webzer.net/drupal.in.th/calendar

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Very nice ... It keeps getting better! Ill try out the freshly minted bits! The demo site looks great!


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Status: Active » Fixed

Fantastic ... your simply fantastic! I love this theme!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.