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More tips can be found here:
Another Tomcat installation article focusing on Security Manager.

In order to make sure utf-8 content is handled correctly, you may need to alter your server.xml file so that you have something like:

   <Connector port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1"
               URIEncoding="UTF-8" />

where the last line (URIEncoding) is the essential change.

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Note that as of this comment posting, Mike's excellent article is gone.

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The article is still missing but here are some of the steps i took to setup apachesolr on my machine and heavily relied on Mike's article for it.

Here goes

# Create an environment for holding Apache Solr components
$ mkdir /opt/solr-tomcat
$ cd /opt/solr-tomcat

# get the tomcat tarball
$ wget

# get solr nightly tarball
$ wget

# untar the files
$ tar -xzf apache-tomcat-5.5.28.tar.gz
$ tar -xzf solr-2009-11-11.tgz

# copy the solr.war application
$ cp apache-solr-nightly/dist/apache-solr-nightly.war apache-tomcat-5.5.28/webapps/solr.war

# copy the solr directory
$ cp -r apache-solr-nightly/example/solr . 
$ chmod a+x apache-tomcat-5.5.28/bin/*

# create the solr.xml configuration file
$ cd apache-tomcat-5.5.28/conf/Catalina/localhost/
$ emacs solr.xml
$ cat solr.xml
<Context docBase="/opt/solr-tomcat/apache-tomcat-5.5.28/webapps/solr.war" debug="0" crossContext="true" >
  <Environment name="solr/home" type="java.lang.String" value="/opt/solr-tomcat/solr" override="true" />

# Create the init script so solr is started during reboots
$ cd /etc/init.d
$ cat solr
#! /bin/sh
# Basic support for IRIX style chkconfig
# chkconfig: 235 98 55
# description: Manages the services you are controlling with the chkconfig command
case "$1" in
echo -n "Starting solr"
#To run it as root:
echo "."
echo -n "Stopping solr"

echo "."

echo "Usage: /sbin/service solr {start|stop}"
exit 1

exit 0

# Note one needs to have a compatible JRE. I downloaded it from Sun (Java 1.5 for Linux) which came as a self extractable file and installed it in /opt/java
$ cd /opt/java
$ ./jre-6u14-linux-x64.bin

# modify to have the correct JAVA_HOME path
$ cd /opt/solr-tomcat/apache-tomcat-5.5.28/bin
$ less
# $Id: 795032 2009-07-17 10:41:20Z markt $
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------


# obtain and configure the schema and solrconfig
$ cd /opt/solr-tomcat/solr/conf/
$ mv schema.xml schema.xml.bak
$ mv solrconfig.xml solrconfig.xml.back
$ cp $drupal_root/sites/all/modules/apachesolr/schema.xml .
$ cp $drupal_root/sites/all/modules/apachesolr/solrconfig.xml .

# modify the dataDir setting in solrconfig.xml

# start solr
$ /etc/init.d/solr start

# to have a manager user for Tomcat please do the following
$ cd /opt/solr-tomcat/apache-tomcat-5.5.28/conf
$ cp -p tomcat-users.xml
# add a line to tomcat-users.xml  -   <user username="admin" password="test12345" roles="manager"/>
# in the <tomcat-users> section

# you can then access the tomcat at http://localhost:8080

I'm hoping the above is complete and works fine. I've tried to recall all the steps but may have missed some. My environment was
Fedora Core 11.



Yashesh Bhatia