I installed the modules about location, googlemap, googlemapsfornodes; It seem work!
But I don't know how to start it? How to use the API?

Have any information would talk it for beginner?



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You could try putting the code on this site in a block (or wherever you wish) and see how that goes.

You do have a key for the Google API correct?


Derek Arnold
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It can be work easily! But I installed a module (googlemap & googlemapfornodes), how it can be work? Is it similar the GMapEZ?

Any example code for it?

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Googlemap and googlemap for nodes are quite cool modules. However, neither one is designed for simply inserting a google map code into a map. They are designed to take location information from nodes and aggragate them onto a map.

The GMap module is designed to just insert a googlemap into a node using a special macro. You can get it at:

The GMap module has a macro creator and a filter. First you create a macro using the macro creator and then you can insert it into a node that uses the gmap filter.

Currently some of the coolest features are only available on the version for Drupal 4.7.

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Hi Dear,
I want to ask some thing because i m very new in drupal please provide some help .
I have a field called region in my event and i have many events suppose and i want to show these events on google map using its region field so wat will i have to do .......?I have to add these all events on google map..
(---And if i have to add all events on google map than please tell me wats the procedure that how can i do this---)?

Or is there any procedure by which google map auto gets my events region field and shows events on that region or location......?

Thanks ,

Azhar uddin
Technical Lead
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