There are several different variants of a "drupal" ubiquity command for faster d.o. interaction.

I am aware that this module deals with the use case of a regular drupal site admin using ff ubiquity to manage his site but there is a need for a better and central d.o. ubiquity thing.

Let's use this module to collaborate on it. Or create a separate one - which will actually not be a module but a project with an issue queue and releases of javascript commands.

These are the most interesting links from the first 2 pages of google:



3. - interesting article and the comments too

4. my home made "d" and "di" commands that I use like:
"d modulename" - to go to project page
"di modulename" - to go to issue queue

So should we decide how we go about it and then write to those people or vice versa?

What do you think in general?


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Title: Proposal: Unite all the efforts aiming at d.o. -> ff_ubiquity integration » Proposal: Unite all the efforts aiming at d.o. -> Firefox Ubiquity plugin integration

more acurate title

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Issue tags: +concept, +explanation

I would be really happy have a more collaborative work on this module because I really think it can really change the user experience (for admin as well as "normal" users).

A point who should be made clearer perhaps.
The command generated belong to 1 installation of Drupal, which mean for example that I could use the following command

  1. site1-create page called my title containing The body text
  2. site2-create blog called an other title containing Something else

Because I do not administer only 1 Drupal website... and because the 2 (or more) websites may have different configurations/modules/content types I let the possibility to modules to implement their own commands (using the hook_ff_ubiquity()).

By the way, this approach (the automated generation of commands) should avoid the too techies edition of the commands. And this is a really important thing, because it will let a much wider range of people to discover the magic of the Firefox addon.

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I just emailed Josh and kourge. I hope they join in.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Since ubiquity was abandoned officially, I'm doubting anyone will join in on a big collaborative effort.