I'm new to drupal and also using RSS for the first time...Can u please help me on the following issues ?
How to generate RSS feeds using Drupal?
Also, what exactly syndication is doing and how to use syndication module?



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First consider searching the site first, because this was answered in the forums... yesterday.

There's no extra work required to set up a rss feed. Point your browser to ?q=node/feed and there you have it. :)

As for syndication, it's the act of sharing your content, via RSS/XML feeds or whatever. The syndication.module IIRC needs to DROP some tables, CREATE some others and copying the .module file. It's all in the INSTALL file

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I've got RssReader (http://www.rssreader.com) and Pluck (both free), and neither of them will accept drupal's default generated xml. Can anyone suggest an RSS reader that will works with drupal sites?


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I use Opera 7.54. It has very nice RSS-reader integrated into its mailer.

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Another reader that works and is free for Windows XP is Tristana. Be sure to get the reader as they have other software that is not free.



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I use NetNewsWire, www.ranchero.com

It's mac only, though.

Mike Cohen, http://www.mcdevzone.com/

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Want one that has grouping control over multiple sources, can read almost every XML/RSS/ATOM related source out there (even the badly formed ones) like: drupal ?

try this sucker out, free:


It even have desktop and email alerts
it rocks!!

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I use Popuload (http://www.popuload.com, it's free and different from other RSS readers I've come across...can't help but pimp it!) -- it works fine with Drupal sites.

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THE LINK IS ?q=rss.xml

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Thanks it is working !!

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Just tested the new email client called Thurnderbird and it has a built in RSS reader that works with Drupal RSS feeds. Nothing to install, just add the RSS URL address and it displays the page.


And it is FREE!


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I have Thunderbird (Mac) and it steadfastly refuses to add feeds from drupal.org or groups.drupal.org when the RSS Logo links are clicked. Harumph!

Joel "Senpai" Farris | certified to rock score

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I use iGoogle for a great deal of my daily feeds.
I also use Firefox 2's Live bookmark feature.

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In Drupal 7, you just have to go to /admin/structure/blocks and publish the block named "Newsfeeds". Then you can go to your website and you will see the rss icon in the published position.

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There's no block (by default) called Newsfeeds

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I think this is the oldest thread I've seen on Drupal. 10 years tomorrow.

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Oldest thread and still people have similar issues :(
I think the actual code for RSS haven't been updated for the last 10 years.