hei guys,
need some help from all of u master in drupal + ubercart

the main problem is white screen
it always happens at random moment after button submit pressed
or even when people trying to login
each time datas are send to the database correctly but nothing is returned

at first i thought it only happen when a data need tobe saved to db
but even when in admin/content/node, when i try to change the category
and i think this one using session instead of save option to db

i've already change the general suspects such as:
- memory_limit already (higher than 200MB)
- max_allowed_packet (already 64MB)
- white space after ?> in template.php
- removing all ?> in all custom module
- updating all module
- check apache log (nothing here)
- check php log (nothing here)
- check drupal log (nothing here)
- activate php error: E_ALL (give nothing other than white screen)

so actually there is no error that has been detected or recorded by apache, php, mysl and even drupal itself

the site is http://www.one.nl and it's on a dedicated server which use plenty memory (3GB, for some reason drupal + ubercart use almost 50% of this memory)

the only this that i can do each time this white screen come to visit is resetting our domain (not the whole server)

my question is why do this happen
is it because some of module incompatibility?
is it because there about 50 domains in this dedicated server (not all of them active)
is it because our dedicated server still using pentium 4 as processor

is there any possibility to check why do i get this white screen?
do you guys have any solution regarding this matter?

thanks alot

best regards,


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What do you mean by "resetting our domain (not the whole server)"? What command or steps do you use to "reset our domain"?
I would not think that this has to do with the # of virtual domains. or the pentium 4.
Based on the information you have provided, my next suspects would be your apache version and php version. What are they? Also, you did check apache's error.log, not access.log correct? It is just really surprising that apache doesn't write out some sort of error.

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finally a reply
thanks andy
regarding your questions, here's some answers:
- through plesk one can restart (not reset, my fault) a domain, so not the server itself
this process will only take round 2-3 seconds to do, so some visitors won't even notice it
or like what i almost always do is by using putty to restart this domain, do you need this command?

- our apache version is 2.2.6 running on fedora server
and php version that's currently provided by our hosting is 5.1.6
we cannot get the latest version due to plesk and php 5.2 still cannot work together (said our hosting)

- i already check all of log's, and still no error what so ever

couple days ago i crank up memory size to be available to eaccelerator (this i forgot to mention in my prior message)
and than disable nonessential modules
i still get sometimes those white screen until i uninstall tooltip module that i friend of mine wrote couple months back
after this one, there were almost no white screen anymore
but still i need this tooltip on http://www.one.nl/toestellen to show picture of a phone while mouse hovering above it's title

why almost?
cause sometimes if our internet sales change or add a product to an order (under order edit) those terrible white screen can come again without any warning
i almost think that our drupal system do not really like those javascript/ajax-like function cause our tooltip module also use this kind of system (wz_tooltip.js from http://www.walterzorn.com/tooltip/tooltip_e.htm)

now the last resort is to rewrite wsod.module so that i can use it under drupal 5.16

so, what do you think the problem than?
is it really due to javascript error or something else

i appreciate your help in this matter

p.s. in performance settings, i didn't even use those javascript aggregrator nor page cache (due to uc_cart)

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Intermittent problems like this are hard to nail down, so I don't really have an answer for you. If I understand you correctly, once you get a wsod, you continue to get a wsod until you restart the web server? Do you continue to get the wsod on that one page only, any page on that domain, or any page on any domain hosted on that server?
Based on what I know so far I will tell you what I think:

>my question is why do this happen
>is it because some of module incompatibility?
>is it because there about 50 domains in this dedicated server (not all of them active)
very unlikely
>is it because our dedicated server still using pentium 4 as processor
very very unlikely
>is it really due to javascript error
Javascript runs on you local browser, and would not be solved by restarting the webserver, so unlikely

I'm guessing the problem has something to do with ram on the server / ram per php instance / eaccelerator or something along those lines.
My recommendation is to temporarily disable eaccelerator and see if that helps.
Another idea:
enable apache server status: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/mod/mod_status.html
This won't fix the problem, but watching it might help you see what is going wrong.
I wish I could be of more help.