I have two identical menu items:

RSVP here > that goes to node/123 (for anonymous users)
RSVP here > civirm/event?12 (or similar) (for authenticated users).

The second shows up properly for authenticated users, however nothing shows up for anonymous users.

Also, not sure if this is related, but both show up for Administrator (under 5.x) this worked right for all three cases.



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In D6, it is more than likely normal that the Administrator sees both. Although it is not clear to me why it would not have been shown to the administrator in D5.

Now, did you try to go to node/123 after a logout? (i.e. as anonymous) If that node is not accessible to anonymous users, then it won't show that menu anyway (whether or not you have menu per role installed.) Another way to test that is to uninstall menu per role and see what you see then (in case menu per role had some weird side effect.)

Finally, if node/123 is only available to anonymous users (i.e. if registered users are anyway sent to another page), then I'd suggest changing the permissions of that page instead of using menu per role. I put info about that on the home page of this module.

Thank you.
Alexis Wilke

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (works as designed)

Old issue without extra answer... I'm closing it.

Thank you.