If I use user_load(), should the fields in content profile be loaded?

I saw in earlier version, the fields were loaded, but that could cause problems (see related post http://drupal.org/node/237691)

Now it appears to me user_load() is no longer loading the content profile fields. Is this the final and correct behavior? Should I assume user_load() will never load the content profile fields? I would like to get a definitive answer so I can update my code accordingly.


#2 content_profile_user_load.patch2.38 KBsdsheridan
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I know this is an old topic, but I just got here.

I think in this case you should return to the stable 6.x-1.0, where user_load() loads all the appropriate Content Profile fields... I think this should be the normal behaviour.

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Agreed. I suspect a number of things depend on this behaviour. I included the following in function_content_profile_user:

    /************** PATCH to load profile fields into user object on user_load() call */
    case 'load':
      $types = "('" . implode("', '", array_keys(content_profile_get_types())) . "')";
      $result = db_query("SELECT nid FROM {node} WHERE uid = %d AND type IN $types", $account->uid);
      while ( $nid = db_result($result) ) {
        $node = node_load($nid);
        foreach ( $node as $key => $value ) {
          if ( strpos($key, 'field_') === 0 ) {
            if ( count($value) == 1 && isset($value[0]) ) { // single value field
              if( count($value[0]) == 1 ) {                 // only one item in the value, so just grab it.
                $value_keys = array_keys($value[0]);
                $value = $value[0][$value_keys[0]];
              else {                                        // multiple items in the single value, so preserve the keys
                $value = $value[0];
            else {                                          // more than one value in the field
              foreach ( $value as $index => &$item ) {      // so for each item
                if ( count($item) == 1 ) {                  // if its got only one attribute
                  $value_keys = array_keys($item);          // grab just that attribute
                  $item = $item[$value_keys[0]];
              }                                             // otherwise the field values cannot
            }                                               // be flattened so just leave them be
            $account->$key = $value;
    /************* End PATCH *******************************************************/

This code will load all content profile fields, and flatten those that can be easily flattened, which preserves behaviour that used to be there before, so other modules I have written wouldn't need to be3 changed.

Would be great to see this get into the next release! I've attached a patch.