In my project i integrated drupal and Gallery2 using gallery module in drupal.
It is working perfectly, the problem is when i enable the event, event finder modules in drupal modules. The integration of gallery2 with drupal is not working.I am using drupal 4.6 version. Will anybody please suggest the solution for this problem.


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I do have problems with events too.

If you have a running drupal install with simple access or taxonomy access and then you copy events.module to modules/
the admin/modules-page is blank and you cant acitvate/unactivate this or other modules

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Tobias Maier, if you're having problems seeing the admin/modules page, you may want to try increasing PHP's memory limit.

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I'm so stupid
you were absolutely right. everything works fine now

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no, stupid is having your ISP increase the PHP memory limit because you're running into that same issue. and then when that doesn't work realizing the reason was you'd added a ini_set('memory_limit', '16M'); to your settings.php file ;)

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

Original issue was about gallery2 and not event...

Followups seem to have been fixed...