Currently, if I read correctly, by default, Drupal only allows 1 superuser? Since I installed the software, I am the current admin. I would like to add another admin account. Is this possible? I found a module that, if I read correctly, will allow me to do this. Is anyone using the Admin Role module? I've installed it but it doesn't seem to be doing what I thought it would do. Are there other ways of adding a second admin account?

Thanks for the help.


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simply create an admin role in administer -> roles
assign permissions in administer -> permissions
and add users to that role

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thanks for the help. i'll give that a try.

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thanks! that did it.

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now investigate the user protect.module to ensure that these new admin users you create can't delete your 1st created user and lock you out of yoru own site either on purpose or on accident

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What did you expect the Admin role module to do? It assists in the manual process that VeryMisunderstood wrote. You create a role. Assign that role as the "admin" role. The Admin role module then assigns every permission available to that role.

Why you might still want to use Admin role now is for ongoing site updates. If you add modules in the future, you have to remember to add those permissions to your new role you created. The Admin role module will do that for you automatically.

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I wasn't saying anything bad about the Admin Role module. It wasn't doing what I thought it would because I didn't quite understand what it was supposed to do. Once I created the new admin role, I figured out how the Admin Role module would be beneficial.

Sorry if I wasn't clear on that.