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First of all, I apologize if I make a mistake in how best to report this, or if I missed something in my Google and Drupal searching for a solution. I know how busy the developers are, and I don't want to be rude. I'm a fairly experienced Drupal developer, having made dozens of sites. However, I'm not a code expert at all, and I've run into a problem I want to ask for help and advice with.

I'm working on a site for a client and I've created a "Scheduled Event" node type for the client to post, well, scheduled events. The content type has the basic title and body fields, as well as two CCK Date fields. One is the actual date of the year, in the format 03/17/2009. The second is a field for the time the event starts, in the format of 12:01 PM.

Here is an export of the content type: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/192908/content.txt

Now, I have a view page that looks like this: http://www.georgiafaith.com/news/calendar that basically takes this content type, sorts it by the date and start time. So, things are displayed in the right order by date *and* by time. This works fine.

However, the visible display of the start time is not working. I've tried changing just about every relevant setting and I can't get the start time to display in that column. Nothing shows up. I've even tried to check the box in views that replaces the output of the field with custom text and that's not showing anything.

Clearly my date field is working, but my start time date field is not working right, or I am missing something or have configured something wrong.

Here is an export of the view: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/192908/view.txt

Any comments you could offer in helping me to find a solution to this inexplicable problem would be greatly appreciated.


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I am having some similar issues with the latest dev of date. My timeline view is no longer working (server error 500). I'll include this link to the view: http://www.cmccully.com/files/timeline.txt

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Also, here is the content type that is using the date field for this timeline view: http://www.cmccully.com/files/author_content.txt

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Ah, I think my date field was somehow corrupted by the upgrade process :( After recreating a new timeline view and a new content type, things work as expected. The date fields for my previous author nodes, however, show up as "value 1" and value 2" in the view's selection of fields (something is rotten in Denmark, as my dear friend Hamlet would say).

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Try going to the 'Display fields page for your date field and submit that page. Then edit the view, edit the date field in the view, and save it again. I think the formatter for the date is getting goofed up in the update and re-editing the field and the view should reset the formatter.

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I mean 'save the view again' after you edit the date field in it. If you don't save the view with those changes it still won't work.

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Karen, I'm still getting errors with date fields and my timeline view. Error 500: internal server error. I deleted the original date fields for my content type, recreated the date fields, reentered the date information for each node, and then created a new timeline view of the nodes using the date field (from and to dates). The dates are historical 1800's (etc.), but this worked with the old views and my old Drupal host. I did switch to One and One Hosting, so I had to make sure my site uses PHP 5 with an .htaccess setting. I am guessing that there is something weird happening with my host and how things are working at One and One? Or maybe there is something wrong with how the date module currently works with timeline? I'm not sure.

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I should also mention that timeline works fine with "date created" designations, etc.. It's just "Date" cck fields that seem to fail.

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You mention PHP 5, but is it PHP 5.2+?

The error 500s are consistent with using CentOS 5 (which defaults to PHP 5.1). PHP 5.1 lacks some of the date manipulation functionality that Date API needs to work right. If that's the case, then you need to activate the Date PHP4 module, even if you're using PHP5.

I can't say for sure that's your problem, but since you changed hosts, I'd want to see you eliminate the possibility.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I tried enabling the Date PHP4 module, but I am still getting errors. I bet we are on to something though: I do have MySQL 5.0.67 and PHP 5.2.9 (according to Drupal's status screen). But it is being run differently with a server configuration that defaults to PHP 4 (Dreamhost was an automatic to PHP 5). There may be another configuration issue with One and One, but I'll be darned if I know what it is!

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I'm having issue too with latest dev version.

Before I was able to show the date of my events on pages, blocks, etc.

But now, it no longer displays on my blocks, and in addition, when I view the actual node, it doesn't show up either.

And this is a "working before no longer working" issue (I have properly selected the right field for my event date)

However, it does show up on my edit page properly.

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Well I think I just fixed it. I kind of went along the same route as what KarenS recommended (which didn't work), but I went to Date and Time inside Site Configuration /admin/settings/date-time/locale and just resumbitting all my settings. Worked like a charm.

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