I have tried using with Drupal 6.10 & Views 6.x-2.3. I am using a view for all taxonomy terms. I added the example code to the template.php file. After adding a taxonomy title to a specific term, all of the node titles on the page view for that term also get changed to the taxonomy title.


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Just to clarify, I have tried using the module both with and without any modifications to the template.php file and either way, all node titles get changed to whatever the taxonomy title was set to when viewing the term page.

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You shouldn't need to make any changes to template.php in the Drupal 6 version. Your specific problem of node titles getting changed as well as the page title itself, is actually a duplicate of this issue: http://drupal.org/node/441720 but I found a problem with the previous version of the module, and fixed it. If you download the latest release everything should be working for you. Let me know if you still have issues with the latest release.