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This document is intended to help someone write a module for the ad api to introduce a new ad type. The core ad module includes two ad type modules, one for text ads and another for image ads. You can use the same api used by these two ad type modules to create your own custom ad type module, for example you may wish to write a module to ad support for flash ads. Some familiarity with Drupal and PHP is required.

Naming your new ad module:

There are two ad types included with the core ad module, text ads and image ads. Each ad type lives in its own module. Text ads are defined in the ad_text module, and image ads are defined in the ad_image module. All additional types of ads should be defined in modules following the same naming scheme which is 'ad_' followed by the type of ad. For example, if you are creating a module to add support for flash-based ads, you would call your module ad_flash.

Registering a new style of ad:

Within the Drupal framework, ads are nodes. To create a new ad, a user navigates to "create content >> ad", on which page they will be prompted to select the type of the ad they wish to create. Your new ad type can be added to this list by using the _adapi() hook and the 'type' operator. For example, if creating a module for flash ads, you might add the following function:

ad_flash_adapi($op, $ad = NULL) { 
  switch ($op) { 
    case 'type': return t('flash'); 

Displaying your ad

To display an ad, your ad type module needs to define the _display_ad() hook. Be aware that when this function is called, many standard Drupal functions are not available to you as the adtype.php script will only bootstrap to DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_DATABASE.

You are passed in an object which contains the ad ID (aid) and the redirect URL (ie 'ad/redirect/13'). Utilize this information to return the complete advertisement. For example:

function ad_static_display_ad($ad) { 
  return l($ad->aid, $ad->redirect);

Sharing your new ad_type module:

The git contributions repository requires that all included modules be licesensed under the GPL. The ad module is dual licensed under both the GPL and the BSD license, meeting this requirement. You can license your new ad_style module under just the GPL, or under a dual license as long as one of the licenses is the GPL.

If your module meets the above licensing requirements and you feel other Drupal users could benefit from your work, contact the ad module maintainer to have your module reviewed for inclusion.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.