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  • Drupal 5.x
  • upload.module (if using the ad_image module)


  1. Download and extract the most recent official release of the Ad module ( Move the resulting 'ad/' subdirectory within your 'modules/' directory. Be sure the web server has read permissions to this directory and the files within it.
  2. In the admin section of your website, under Site Building, choose Modules and enable the Ad module (admin > site building > modules). At this time you can also enable other ad related modules:
    • If you wish to display image (banner) ads, enable the Ad > Image Ad. If it's not already enabled, you will also need to enable the Upload module
    • If you wish to display text ads, enable the Ad > Text Ad
    • If you wish to embed ads into your site content, enable the Ad > Embed module.
    • If you wish to provide online graphical reports along with your ads, enable the Ad > Report module.
  3. Assign the 'show advertisements' permission to all roles that you wish to see advertisements. (admin > user management > access control)
  4. You can display ads in blocks in the admin section, under Site Building in Blocks, and enabling the per-ad-group blocks that are automatically generated. (admin > site building > blocks)
  5. Optionally configure an input filter for your advertisements that allows the html tags used to display correctly (admin > site configuration > input filters). If you need to associate a specific input filter with the advertisement content type, you may want to review one of the following projects:

Installation Tips:

For optimal performance you should set the DRUPAL_ROOT variable at the top of the file. Otherwise, the ad module will automatically determine your top level Drupal directory each time it serves an advertisement.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.