I am pleased to announce the launch of the oDesk Drupal group. I have been working with the oDesk team to strengthen Drupal as a web development choice for oDesk customers.

We have started off with some straight forward criteria to accept members into the Drupal group, the Drupal qualification test. This test was recommended by the oDesk team and I reviewed Boris Mann's evaluation of the test. This new group does not aim to replace the current methods of hiring Drupal developers, the Drupal.org/services page, the paid-services forum, the http://groups.drupal.org/jobs page, and of course tracking developers by their contributions on Drupal.org. Our hope is to recruit more potential customers and make it easier for Drupal developers to connect with those customers.

It is worth stating that the Drupal association currently does not have any financial ties with oDesk, but that we are exploring a joint advertising and affiliate commission program. Our goal with joint advertising is to let Drupal developers know about the oDesk Drupal group and to let oDesk customers looking for web developers to know about Drupal.

The Drupal oDesk group is a moderated membership group. I am currently the only moderator but I am actively recruiting more moderators from the Drupal community. I am looking for members of the community that have been active participants on http://drupal.org and work well with other members of the community.

I have researched oDesk business and am aware that there are concerns with how oDesk monitors developers it is paying. We realize that this will be controversial. Please raise your concerns in this thread and I'll direct the the oDesk staff to answer directly where appropriate. Your feedback is critical. Please keep in mind that the goal of this partnership is to promote Drupal to a wider audience and to help developers connect with more potential customers.


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I've begun using oDesk for some of my development with mixed results. I'm excited to see a Drupal group that I can focus on for posting jobs.

Couple keys I've found for oDesk:

  1. Don't hire cheap - unless you're willing to come in later and fix a lot of things up
  2. Try to build a core team that you can always call on in the future
  3. Clearly define tasks. For example, I just wrote a detailed document on how to setup my custom build of Drupal so I can outsource tasks like that in the future.
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Actually the average pricing on odesk for drupal dev is 23.57$/h as today. I don't understand how peoples who have spent many months of their life at getting skills with Drupal can sell their time at such a ridiculous price.

Starvation in crisis time ?

Julien MARY

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"Drupal experts" go for as low as a few dollars an hour on Odesk. The site makes rate a main selling point, so there's really no use even participating on a site like this if you're a truly qualified Drupal professional charging the going rate of $75-$150 (or more for rock star reputations :) an hour. Clients sometimes have to learn the hard way why these people charge so little.

I think Drupal.org (the links Amazon mentioned) is probably the *best* marketplace for Drupal developers and users.

Devbee - http://devbee.net/

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Thought the requirement was to pass the test? Seems its not the case.

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I've made request to join Drupal group at Upwork.com several months ago. No reply since than. Who is an admin of this group now? Could you help me to join this group?