Deafult views in the Views 2 Module have an SEO issue. They don't send 404 errors when a non-existent URL is requested.

For example, if your view is located at

and your page is at:

but you accidentally link to:

Drupal sends a "200 OK" header and the content from:

instead of sending a 404 header/page.

Is there a way to fix that in the Views settings or should I add an issue to the Views module?


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Same Problem here. This is really a big Problem because it creates duplicate pages with no content. Especially when you change your URL-structure.

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As i needed a quick solution i figured a workaround. Just use a name other than the "directory" for the view.

For Example: > 200 > 404 > 404 > 200

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The solution is to edit the view by adding an Argument of Node: Nid. Set it to "Display all values", Validator: Node, and Argument type of Node ID. Set Action to take if argument does not validate: to Hide view / Page not found (404). Update the Argument and save the view.

Detailed post at

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i create a new content/page with url alias

when i key in invalid url, it suppose go to 404 page but it show same thing like the page from

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Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work when you have other arguments.

I have a "term name" argument that should give me /folder/term, but also gives me /folder/whatever/whatever/whatever. Adding the "node ID" kills all my "/folder/terms".

Shame... I'm kind of desperate for a solution. (Unfortunately this is still a D5 system so Views 404 won't work.)

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Add global: null field in contextual filter as same as above it will work.

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Give it a try, it should solve the views 404 issue.