Can we use the WMV Player?
By the documentation I conclude we cannot.
Could you please add support to this player also?
It would be helpful for playing wmv streaming videos inside drupal without the need of embedding windows media player.


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Strictly the WMV player is not a flash file, so isn't a SWF file!

But, at the same time, it kind of makes sense that the swftools format for embedding stuff on pages could be adapted to support it.

I'll give this some thought before making a decision one or the other!

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It could provide an easy way to add windows media files since this player seems to support streaming too.
Now from what I understand people embed the windows media player in order to have the streaming feautres (dash media player supports only streaming of flash files and not wmv if i remember well)

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Any more thought on supporting this with SWF Tools?

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Priority: Normal » Major

Hi, does SWF tools support streaming of WMV files? Does anyone know what player supports streaming of WMV files that are stored from another server? Lets say for example, that this video link ( shall be played in another site by referring only to this link.

I hope you all understand what I'm talking about.


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This player supports playing of WMV video files.