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Release info

Created by: bdragon
Created on: 3 Mar 2009 at 20:34 UTC
Last updated: 4 Jan 2010 at 22:24 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Here's an RC of Location 3.1.

Not all of the CCK/views changes I want are in yet, but this should fix several bugs
that are being reported repeatedly.

Please try it and report any regressions.

Changes since DRUPAL-6--3-0:

  • Don't lose location data when previewing.
  • Fix (somewhat) CCK empty/ defaults handling
  • Hide location settings that aren't used for cck locations.
  • #351840 by erantone: Fix weight on additional field.
  • #352550 by Morbus Iff: Allow long/lat to be hidden in collection/display.
  • Add relationship support for location CCK fields. This gets us most of the way to full location_cck views support.
  • API CHANGE! location_api_variant() now returns 2.

    location_diff was conflicting with hook_diff(). It has been renamed to location_calc_difference()!

  • Don't check_plain() arrays.
  • Several mult-istep and CCK fixes. CCK should be much much happier in CVS now.
  • #351630 by claudiu.cristea: Fix error while uninstalling location_add_another.
  • #351642, reported by Aren Cambre: Fix placeholder text in
  • Fix validation stupidity. It doesn't matter what add is set to if max is 0.
  • * Fix tests, which were broken by the validation reactivation.
    * Add 'nodiff' option to fields in the 'defaults' op of hook_locationapi().
    - This is needed to unbreak cow after the [#352550] change.
    * Unbreak cow, again.
  • #356077 reported by kenorb: Fix country force default.
  • #355320 reported by WesleyTx, patch by bec, modified by me: Make CCK Location respect the "hide fields" settings.
  • Port old tests to simpletest 2.x.
  • Only merge in stuff that actually has defaults, to prevent warnings.
  • Sync google geocoder list, alphabetize to match spreadsheet, add country names for easier maintenance.
  • Add comment about CS being transitional.
  • Modernize the HTTP geocoder call in

    Should fix UK geocoding and improve geocoding outside the us in general.

  • #356806 reported by jackspiv: Don't crash if locpick is a string.
  • Change broken requirements code to not drop fields on the floor.
  • Add a test for LID conservation. (Which I just noticed is broken again, hence the test.)
  • Fix LID conservation.
  • #351754, reported by carlogen, patch by erantone, akahn, modified by me: Fix province filter.
    This is a bit of a band-aid fix. The problem was due to me changing the implementation at the last moment when designing it.
    The original plan was to use a multi select, but that didn't play well with ajax. The query function still relied on the format
    that would return sometimes.
  • Repair element validation.
  • #356492, reported by traxer: Fix using multiple distance fields.
  • Fix bug skyred had ran into in IRC:
    Fix delete location checkbox when not collecting coordinates, due to a misplaced brace.
  • #369264 by litwol: Remove trailing whitespace from provinces, to fix validation.
  • Part of #317159, patch by karens & me: Fix accidental displaying 0.00,0.00 coords.
  • #368141 by jhedstrom: Fix missing include on earth.test. (On my system, for some unknown reason, the test ran just fine without it, which doesn't make any sense...)
  • Remove bogus 'callbacks' stuff. #326945 removed it, and nobody updated the upgrade docs :(
  • Minimal fix for #359348: Implement token support for CCK fields.
  • Part of #346694. patch by pathfinderelite, modified by me: Fix map links.
  • Fix #373723. This is a modified version of the patch I provided there, changed slightly to be appropriate for general inclusion.

    * Add JIT geocoding. To use with bulk importing, set the source to 4 when inserting your locations into the {location} table, and enable JIT geocoding on the Location settings page.

  • #382758, reported by skyredwang: Allow the user to hide all fields, not just "real" fields, on the location address field.
  • Part of #383244 by dragonwize: Make cck load and cache locations properly.
  • No need to load the location now that CCK caches it properly.
  • Split location_node out like I did for location_user. Huzzah!

    Refactor RSS support to make it easier to reuse. *cough*cck georss support?*cough*

    Fix tests to load location_node.

    Split relevant uninstall sections out into location_node.install and location_user.install.

  • #383216 by dragonwize: Fix location_addanother dependencies.
  • #387830 by VeryMisunderstood: Grammar fix in
  • Remove unneeded hook_simpletest().
  • garbage collect some commented out stuff, minor whitespace change.


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