The comments aren't working when set up to show the form in the same page. You can see the form buttons but when you click them they do nothing.

With the other setting "show form on different page";

When the form shows after clicking the "Add a comment" link it doesn't follow the settings in the Content Types page. I have unable Comment Title and Preview options but they still show in the form and the comments are in a flat list even though threaded Hierarchy is set. However it does saves the comment.

Any idea what am I doing wrong?



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I've also noticed the count in the front page is wrong it says 1 comment but there are 4 :-(

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about comment count. this should not be wrong, are you sure there are 4 comments under gallery`s image listing not under first image (show this instead of gallery view option in admin settings)?

as of ajax commenting.. i`ll check that out.

because "this just doesnt work properly", but people still want it to work, i`m considering new checkbox in admin options to force plain html pages instead of ajax (aka non-javascript fallback). wait for it a bit!

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)
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Uhmmm ... that is really weird, it seems that the comment count is fine now.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't yesterday (I had a test gallery which has been deleted and I cannot duplicate the error again) I guess you may be right and some of the comments may have been in the pictures no the galleries.

The other problems persist though

By the way Great work

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Just noticed that with explorer comments don't work at all

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There`s an option "Disable dynamical content loading" in prog_gallery admin settings now. You can use this as hotfix while comments issue is not fixed.

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Subscribing, greetings, Martijn

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"Disable dynamical content loading"

It fixed the comments issue in the gallery page but it still not showing the comment link (or form) in the image node pages.

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are comments enabled for this content type?
are comments module enabled?

please check these, sometimes a most obvious thing can be forgotten :)

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Hi Jancis,

Yes, image content type has comments enabled
Yes, comments are enabled too (and working well with other content types).

Just uploaded the latest version and notice that the image node shows the form or link but it's still acting as the dynamical content loading was enabled. The little round thing shows up when clicking the link.

Note I'm talking about the image node not the gallery node.

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what do you mean by act? "Disable dynamical content loading" generates old-school carousel with actual links to pages, doesn`t load images dynamically and doesn`t touch comments.

Notice that there are two "Disable dynamical content loading" options in prog_gallery settings - one within gallery fieldset, another within "image" fieldset.

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Notice that there are two "Disable dynamical content loading" options in prog_gallery settings - one within gallery fieldset, another within "image" fieldset.

the setting within image fieldset doesn't show when you've choosen Lightbox2

You can deselect it (lightbox) and then save and then it comes up, then you can choose it and save it again with lighbox.

I think all this Prog-Gallery features should be unable by default when using the lightbox 'cause their are not being used and make things work weird (when you choose to go to an individual picture).