I recently ran into the issue of trying to use the aggregator module to read a feed from a page from a server using gzip compression. From my debugging I realized that the drupal_http_request function does not reinflate gzip content and caused errors when I tried to read the RSS feed. I attached a small patch that checks for gzipped data and will reinflate it into a format usable by Drupal.

Drupal running on:
Drupal 6.9

Reading RSS Feed from:
ColdFusion script that generated RSS feed
content type returned: [Content-Encoding] => gzip

common.inc_.6.9.patch377 bytesreaneyk
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Status: Active » Needs review

changing status

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I'm tempted to mark this as "won't fix": drupal_http_request() doesn't send a Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate header, and, as a result, a server shouldn't return gzip-encoded data. The bug is probably in the coldfusion script.

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Status: Needs review » Closed (fixed)

yep, turned out to be a server config issue not including the deflate in the Accept-Encoding.

Thanks Damien Tournoud