I've looking to issues and could not find any hint to my problem, so here it is: I'm using a different view than the one provided in the many, where I make a list display of several fields: title, notes, URL. If the notes text has some HTML tags, such as list elements, I get them displayed in the view. The URL also comes as plain text and therefore is not active.

Is there any trick to solve this? I'm using at the moment 2 extra hidden fields added with CCK that duplicate the content of the abovementioned fields, in order to display correctly the views, but I need to simplify the edition process.
Thank you


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It's not entirely clear to me how you are generating this view, but I'm assuming it's using the Views module?

It sounds like the data is being filtered through "check_plain" which would explain what you see.

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Yes, I'm using Views module as you can see here: (this is the view where I'm calling the duplicated fields I have created with CCK)

I've added to this one the biblio fields (notes and URL):
http://aprenderenred.net/bkpulsar/es/biblio2 (this is a test site)

I've been reading about the check_plain function but I have not see any function calling to it from the Views module (http://api.drupal.org/api/function/check_plain/5), at least in Drupal 5. I can not see either the way to deactivate this function in a particular field of a view (Views) or even if this is reasonable, as it seems that It prevents for security issues related to IE6.
Thanks for any new hints, I will keep working in understanding what happens between the data stored in the biblio table (biblio_notes, text, utf8_general_ci) and the Views module. And why, it shows correctly when teaser or full node display and it does not the same with separate fields.


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If it's just the notes field that's giving you a problem, it's probably a filter issue, you should check the "Input Format" section on the input form and make sure it's set to "Full HTML"

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There is an input format selector at the bottom of biblio form, but when I select Full HTML my issue is not solved. I have checked other options of configuring these fields at Biblio settings or Content Type settings, but I didn't find any options for format. This issue is not only happening for Notes, URL is also being displayed as plain text.

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This has to be something to do with how views is handling the fields. Unfortunately, I'm not a Views Wizard, so I probably won't be able to help much here.

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Thanks for the hints; If I find something I will let you know; but I don't know if I will have time. I'm maybe coming back to the view that comes with the biblio module. I have some multilingual problems with them but the can be eventually less important than these ones.


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I think an 80% solution is #682044: Support fields (CCK) in D7 Bibliography Module. Some of the problems here, like multilingual issues, may still be a challenge, but fields (CCK) integration is probably a good first step towards a commonly-accepted solution.