1.CCK 6.x-2.1
2.Imagefield 6.x-3.0-alpha4
3. 777, 777
4. public
5. GD2
6. Expect file to upload and preview to appear in browser
7. The spinner next to the "upload" button spins infinitely (only in safari -- firefox works fine)

1. Click on "Choose File"
2. Select a file (file selection happens ok)
3. Click "Upload"
4. Spinner starts moving but never stops

note: the infinte loops happens for the remove button as well

#32 safari_upload-6.x-0.1.tar_.gz1.18 KBdavidredshaw
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jphelan’s picture

Same here

rootdownmedia’s picture

Just realized that if I select files via 'Browse' but don't click the upload button then submit the form, the images are uploaded. However, I can add additional images using the "Add another image" button.

quicksketch’s picture

So it's not explicitly stated, but does ImageField work in other browsers for you?

rootdownmedia’s picture

Yup works on Firefox fine

PGiro’s picture

I am getting the same thing Chrome/PC.

Upload spins forever + if I submit the page I get redirected to /filefield/ahah/picture/field_image/0
If I don't upload file (but do chose it) and then submit, everything is fine

quicksketch’s picture

Could someone confirm this is a problem in the beta1 or development versions? I still can't reproduce any of these problems in Safari. Note, I'd recommend upgrading to CCK 2.2 that came out today, as it also fixes some problems with the "more" button provided for multivalue ImageFields.

rootdownmedia’s picture

Hey quicksketch,
Im using ImageField 6.x-3.0-alpha4 with Safari 3.2.1. Upgrading to CCK 2.2 now and will hit you w/ results

rootdownmedia’s picture

No luck with CCK 2.2. Still get an infinitely looping spinner in Safari

quicksketch’s picture

rootdownmedia, could you try with the new versions of FileField and ImageField (beta3 or higher versions)? If it is a problem with ImageField, the only way it's going to be fixed is in new versions, as far as I know it's been fixed already.

rootdownmedia’s picture

Updated both FileField and ImageField but no joy...

quicksketch’s picture

Sorry, but I really just can't reproduce this problem at all. Have you tried a fresh Drupal install with just FileField and CCK? I'm suspecting another module might be interfering that I don't have on my installation. What other modules do you have installed on the site that affect the node form (wysiwygs, other cck fields, etc)?

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Not only 6.x version affected also 5.x 2.x version have same problem. Its a WebKit (Chrome, Safari) bug that not always happens but on like 1/3rd of the tries (it is even worse with the latest nightly builds of webkit). There does not seem to be a workaround and its not only related to drupal/image upload but to file upload in general - I read somewhere that it oddly happens only when there is a CSS switch of the upload form to "display:none" as this happens with image upload its worth investigating.

quicksketch’s picture

Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

I'm unable to fix this until it can be reliably reproduced. I'm not able to reproduce this problem despite using Safari on daily basis.

quicksketch’s picture

Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Postponed

All interested parties, see https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5760.

The conclusion (that I've been able to discern) is that this is a bug somewhere between Webkit and one of the core foundations of Mac OS X. The Webkit (aka, Safari) team is unable to fix the problem and is relying on Apple to fix the problem in Mac OS X. This problem still exists as of the most recent release (10.5.6). Anyone looking to solve this problem should follow the Webkit issue link above.

quicksketch’s picture

A further note, it seems that Mike Alsup has built a work-around into the newer versions of jquery.forms.js (the library Drupal depends on for all its AHAH behaviors).

Anyone experiencing the problem might be able to replace their jquery.forms.js (in the "misc" directory of Drupal core) file with a new copy from http://malsup.com/jquery/form/#download. I haven't tried this, but I can't seem to make the issue appear on my sites anyway to test it out. It does seem that upgrading the library won't have any negative effect.

quicksketch’s picture

Title: Can't Upload Images using Safari 3.2.1 » Safari 3.2.1 intermittently fails to upload
mepho’s picture

This happens in 5.x 2.x also, there is no jquery.forms.js used in drupal 5 misc folder.

brendymullan’s picture

same here! Please someone find a fix for this! My safari and chrome dumps a large piece of code when I click "Upload"

Garrett Albright’s picture

For the record, I also have experienced this problem when using WebKit-based browsers, but only when the site is local; that is, when it's being served from the same computer I'm using to browse it. Thus, it's only happening in testing conditions. I've never had this problem once the site is live and up on a remote server. I can't help but wonder if it's a race condition - if the relatively little network overhead means the upload is finishing before WebKit is ready for it to finish. (I don't think it's an OS X problem if it's also happening for Chrome on Windows…)

EDIT: Actually, it has happened when someone else in our office was using a site being served from my computer via our local network too. Again, maybe there just wasn't enough lag…

mattgilbert’s picture

subscribing. would love to hear results from anyone who tried replacing jquery.forms.js.

swopit’s picture

I have the same problem. Some solution would be highly apreciated.

I replaced the jquery.forms.js, but without success.

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Status: Postponed » Active

I had briefly got ImageAssist to work on Safari, but Safari have now 'upgraded' to a new version and Image Assist has stopped working on all of my sites with Safari (it's fine on the PC or using Firefox with the Mac, for all but one site, which I'm going to start again on).

I've tried ImageAssist with the FCK Editor and TinyMCE and WYSIWYG API, all with no success. Anyone know of a different uploading solution other than Image Assist, or any other solution to this problem, be great to hear it!!

quicksketch’s picture

Version: 6.x-3.0-alpha4 » 6.x-3.1
Status: Active » Postponed

Aminto, this issue is for Safari + ImageField/FileField. Image assist is a separate project and any problem with that module should be addressed in the Image assist queue.

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I am having the exact same problem in Safari AND Firefox. In Firefox, the throbber spins and stops once the file is uploaded, but it does not fade to the thumbnail with the "Remove" button. It just stays at the "Browse" field. Same in Safari, only the throbber keeps spinning indefinitely.

However, I also have a required text field for the content type, and after I upload the image and click save (without entering text into the required field) it reloads the form with the "field is required" error, but now the thumbnail with "Remove" button finally appears, instead of the "Browse" field. So the image seems to upload fine in the background, but the user interface is not functioning properly.

I am running both FileField and ImageField 3.1.

I REALLY hope there is some possible way to fix this, as it has rendered my site useless (and I've been working on it 16 hours a day for 3 weeks). If you don't have any idea what it could be, please let me know which file is responsible for the fade-in to thumbnail action. That way, I'll know which file to begin staring at for 16 hours a day, in the hopes of figuring out how to fix it.

Thanks for reading.

skatepark123’s picture

I made a mistake, Safari does not make the throbber spin indefinitely. It acts exactly the same as Firefox. It spins during uploading, but does not show the thumbnail.

skatepark123’s picture

I've pasted the loaded scripts from the source code of the upload form page.

I'm not really a developer, but I'm assuming that the problem has something to do with javascript and I thought this might be relevant information.

<script type="text/javascript" src="/misc/jquery.js?w"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/misc/drupal.js?w"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/sites/all/modules/extlink/extlink.js?w"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/sites/all/modules/filefield/filefield.js?w"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/misc/jquery.form.js?w"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/sites/all/modules/dynamic_persistent_menu/dynamic_persistent_menu.js?w"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/sites/all/modules/ajax/jquery/jquery.a_form.packed.js?w"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/sites/all/modules/ajax/ajax.js?w"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/sites/all/modules/ecommerce/ec_common/js/ahah.js?w"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/sites/all/themes/acquia_slate/script.js?w"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/sites/all/themes/acquia_slate/jquery.overlabel.js?w"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/sites/all/modules/ajax/plugins/thickbox/ajax_thickbox.js?w"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/sites/all/modules/pmgrowl/jgrowl/jquery.jgrowl_minimized.js?w"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/sites/all/modules/pmgrowl/pmgrowl.js?w"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery.extend(Drupal.settings, { "basePath": "/", "extlink": { "extTarget": "_blank", "extClass": "ext", "extSubdomains": 1, "extExclude": "", "extInclude": "", "extAlert": 0, "extAlertText": "This link will take you to an external web site. We are not responsible for their content.", "mailtoClass": "mailto" }, "pmGrowlInterval": 30000, "ahah": { "edit-field-gallery-photo-0-filefield-upload": { "url": "/filefield/ahah/photo/field_gallery_photo/0", "event": "mousedown", "keypress": true, "wrapper": "edit-field-gallery-photo-0-ahah-wrapper", "selector": "#edit-field-gallery-photo-0-filefield-upload", "effect": "fade", "method": "replace", "progress": { "type": "throbber" }, "button": { "op": "Upload" } }, "edit-field-gallery-photo-0-filefield-remove": { "url": "/filefield/ahah/photo/field_gallery_photo/0", "event": "mousedown", "keypress": true, "wrapper": "edit-field-gallery-photo-0-ahah-wrapper", "selector": "#edit-field-gallery-photo-0-filefield-remove", "effect": "fade", "method": "replace", "progress": { "type": "throbber" }, "button": { "field_gallery_photo_0_filefield_remove": "Remove" } } } });
<script type="text/javascript">
overMenuDefault = 'dynamic-persistent-menu-sub-menu';
<script type="text/javascript">
subMenuTimeout = 2000;
skatepark123’s picture

Sorry, one last thing. If there is no way to fix this, is there some way I can just disable the javascript or ajax functionality?

I'm just looking for some way to salvage all of the work I put into the site... even if it's at the cost of the awesome user interface.

skatepark123’s picture

I'm an idiot. I guess the fact that it uploads the image when saving means that it's already operating without without ajax. Would be nice to get the thumbnail generation to work again though.

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Hi, I have the same bug I think, altouhgh it happens with Safari 4 : Version 4.0 (5530.17) + OS X 10.5.7
Two images uplaoded through a form without problem, then it's one on ten image that succeeds, the others are failing after a while. It takes ffox seconds to upload one.

+ it concerns Drupal 6.13, 2009-07-01

John Pitcairn’s picture

Yep, same issue here it seems.

Local: Safari 4.0.2, Mac OS X 10.5.7
Server: Drupal 6.13, Imagefield 6.x-3.1

davidredshaw’s picture

I built a little module which may fix this. It's based on the comments here and elsewhere and appears to work for me using filefield 6.x-3.1... Nothing to do other than install the module and enable it.

It was created on a Mac so will have the ._ files I'm afraid but if it works and is useful I can clean it up.

pribeh’s picture

Any updates on this? Anybody else tried dredshaw's module? I guess I will later tonight. This is really annoying for so many of my users who use Safari.

pribeh’s picture

So I tried Dreadshaw's module and now the browser crashes upon clicking the upload button. Using Safari 4.03 and Drupal 6.14 and Imagefield 3.1.

svogel’s picture

Interested in this, too.

rickme’s picture

Hey guys, even though I'm not using Drupal, I came across a similar bug with my own upload script. After submitting the form, Safari wouldn't even send the file to the server (I checked with Activity Monitor.) After hours of Googling I found out that it's actually a bug in webKit. I fixed my script by adding an extra header to the page that contains the upload-form.

This is the fix I found:

I just added the following header to my page (in PHP), which basically does the same thing as the javascript fix above
header("connection: close");

I came across this topic as I was trying to find a fix for my own script so I don't know if it'll work in Drupal :)


pribeh’s picture

Thanks a lot Rick. That's very kind of you. I'll try this and report back to this thread.

pribeh’s picture

I can confirm that sticking the following javascript code (taken from http://arfore.com/2009/11/04/file-upload-hang-in-safari-4/) into the head of your page.tpl will fix the issue.

<script type="text/javascript">
/* A pretty little hack to make uploads not hang in Safari. Just call this
* immediately before the upload is submitted. This does an Ajax call to
* the server, which returns an empty document with the "Connection: close"
* header, telling Safari to close the active connection. A hack, but
* effective. */
function closeKeepAlive() {
if (/AppleWebKit|MSIE/.test(navigator.userAgent)) {
new Ajax.Request("/ping/close", { asynchronous:false });

Thanks Rick.

davidredshaw’s picture

That's basically what the module does.

It provides a menu callback ("/ping/close") that sends the Connection: Close header and also uses hook_init to add a Javascript file that binds a request to the MouseDown event of input controls with a class of form-submit.

I suspect if it didn't work it's an issue with my Javascript file which is:

 * Attach an event to the input form buttons
 * Tried to bind to all forms but didn't work and this did... I'm sure it can be improved
Drupal.behaviors.safari_upload = function(context) {
  .bind('mousedown', Drupal.safari_upload.resetConnection)

 * Utility functions for use by Safari Upload.
 * @param {Object} event
Drupal.safari_upload = {
  resetConnection: function(event){

You could try replacing my javascript (in "safari_upload/js/safari_upload.js") with the code in comment 38 if it's better javascript since we've both used the same callback URL. I think it would be good to have a simple module-based fix for this until it can be fixed properly.

I got the info to make the module from a number of places:

* Adds custom javascript to fix file uploads with Safari
* Thanks to : http://blog.airbladesoftware.com/2007/8/17/note-to-self-prevent-uploads-...
* Additional Information:
* http://drupal.org/node/375914#comment-1485768
* http://drupal.org/node/431244
* http://groups.google.com/group/jquery-dev/browse_thread/thread/36395b7ab...

pribeh’s picture

Thanks a lot dredshaw. This is all helpful. I agree that a module of this sort could even prove useful in the Drupal repository until the issue is fixed in webkit.

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kmonty’s picture

I'd also like to report that the module in #32 does not work with Safari 4.0.4

davidredshaw’s picture

Hi there

I'm running this on Safari 4.0.4 (Mac) with no issues. I did just download ImageField and test it in case the class on the submit button was different from FileField (which is what I use this for) and it seems to work OK.

Just wondering if this is a caching issue - might be worth trying to clear your cache because I don't think I put that in the module.

pribeh’s picture

Hi dredshaw,

I've tested this issue to death so on multiple sites with cron working and cashes flushed several hundred times already. I do think I've stumbled upon a fix. I don't have feedback from users yet but I can't seem to replicate the problem anymore myself using Safari 4.04.

I simply replaced the jquery.form.js in Drupal's misc folder with the one from here http://malsup.com/jquery/form/#download as quicksketch suggested in #15. I wish I would of read that comment earlier - must be dyslexic. I'm not into modifying core but I'm at the last straw now. I will report back once I have users reporting that it either works or doesn't.

trailerparkopera’s picture

I just discovered that replacing the jquery.form.js in Drupal's misc folder with the one found on http://malsup.com/jquery/form/#download causes the javascript_aggregation module to throw fatal errors. And, as we have a lot of javascripts that need aggregating, replacing the form.js doesn't work for us. Removing the javascript_aggregation module and leaving the form doesn't let Safari upload, (Firefox, on the other hand, works flawlessly).

Can't seem to get any love from the Safari_upload module either (nor adding the js directly to the template).

In fact, I can't get Safari to upload any images (except if I simply select the file, don't use the upload button, and save the node. But this isn't a solution for us as we need to upload multiple images during the same authoring/editing session).

pribeh’s picture

Yes, I can confirm that the javascript_aggregation actually took a site of mine down once after adding the new form.js and spitting out a ton of errors - tres miserable. I wish there was a solution to this issue that worked well with but I can't seem to find the nail in the coffin for this issue.

myers_d’s picture

Having the same issue in Safari 4.0.4 on Mac OS X. Works fine in FireFox.

quentinsf’s picture

I can confirm that a combination of 38 and 39 has largely fixed this for me. (Safari 4.0.5).

I put the following in a javascript file that my theme was already loading. (And flushed the caches, of course!)

function closeKeepAlive() {
  if (/AppleWebKit|MSIE/.test(navigator.userAgent)) {
    $.ajax({ url: "/ping/close", async: false });

$(document).ready(function() {

quentinsf’s picture

Mmm. No, I take that back. It helps, but it doesn't fix it.

geerlingguy’s picture

Title: Safari 3.2.1 intermittently fails to upload » Safari 5 intermittently fails to upload

Still an issue with Safari 5 / Drupal 6.17 ... Chrome usually works, Safari is 50/50 (my sites are hosted in a variety of places/environments).

timtunbridge’s picture


plan9’s picture


plan9’s picture

One thing to bear in mind with Safari is that it has an over zealous browser caching mechanism. Even if you manage to disable the local cache it still caches in memory - so when testing this bug you are better of quitting and re-launching the app.

Anyway... I've found a solution that works - at least on my setup.
Using Rick's PHP alternative from #36 I put the following in my theme's page.tpl.php file - straight after the head tag:

<?php header("connection: close"); ?>

So far so good.
I hope this helps someone else.

benklocek’s picture

I can't get either to work, and I wonder if it has to do with the page that the AJAX for is submitting to. If it's not using page.tpl.php, then I don't think the header trick will work, as it's not being called before the upload script is run.

As a side note: when I try to js script, I get a 404 error for "/ping/close". Is that the expected behavior?

UPDATE: Adding an empty file named "close" at "/ping" did the trick.

jorgemare’s picture

I use Chrome and today I noticed that I had the same problem using Chrome on a site that I have been working for the last couple of weeks. Here is the solution that I found:


Basically, remove any extra blank lines your template.php may have at the end of the file, and that does the trick.

Not sure if this is the same cause when using Safari, but sharing anyway just in case it can be of help.

bdwelle’s picture

Version: 6.x-3.1 » 6.x-3.3

I just noticed the same problem when I pushed a site that I recently finished live. The development server was hosted on Dreamhost, and ImageField uploads work fine in Safari on that site (e3.lifeisartfoundation.org) but when I run the exact same code/site/modules on the live site, which is hosted on HostMonster, Safari fails to upload and spits out a bunch of jQuery gibberish instead. I can upload successfully with Firefox on the live site.

Here is the junk that's displayed (instead of the image thumbnail) when I try to upload using Safari on the live site:

{ "status": true, "data": "\x3cdiv id=\"edit-field-story-image-1-ahah-wrapper\"\x3e\x3cdiv class=\"form-item\" id=\"edit-field-story-image-1-upload-wrapper\"\x3e\n \x3cdiv class=\"filefield-element clear-block\"\x3e\x3cdiv class=\"widget-preview\"\x3e\x3cdiv class=\"imagefield-preview\"\x3e\x3cimg src=\"http://eiffelsociety.com/sites/default/files/imagefield_thumbs/200px-Black_Sabbath_debut_album.jpg?1284926606\" title=\"200px-Black_Sabbath_debut_album.jpg\" alt=\"Image preview\" /\x3e\x3c/div\x3e\x3c/div\x3e\x3cdiv class=\"widget-edit\"\x3e\x3cinput type=\"hidden\" name=\"field_story_image[1][fid]\" id=\"edit-field-story-image-1-fid\" value=\"827\" /\x3e\n\x3cdiv class=\"form-item\" id=\"edit-field-story-image-1-data-description-wrapper\"\x3e\n \x3clabel for=\"edit-field-story-image-1-data-description\"\x3eDescription: \x3c/label\x3e\n \x3cinput type=\"text\" maxlength=\"128\" name=\"field_story_image[1][data][description]\" id=\"edit-field-story-image-1-data-description\" size=\"60\" value=\"\" class=\"form-text\" /\x3e\n\x3c/div\x3e\n\x3cinput type=\"hidden\" name=\"field_story_image[1][list]\" id=\"edit-field-story-image-1-list\" value=\"1\" /\x3e\n\x3cinput type=\"submit\" name=\"field_story_image_1_filefield_remove\" id=\"edit-field-story-image-1-filefield-remove\" value=\"Remove\" class=\"form-submit\" /\x3e\n\x3c/div\x3e\x3c/div\x3e\n\x3c/div\x3e\n\x3c/div\x3e\x3cscript type=\"text/javascript\"\x3ejQuery.extend(Drupal.settings.ahah, { \"edit-field-story-image-0-filefield-upload\": { \"url\": \"/filefield/ahah/story/field_story_image/0\", \"event\": \"mousedown\", \"keypress\": true, \"wrapper\": \"edit-field-story-image-0-ahah-wrapper\", \"selector\": \"#edit-field-story-image-0-filefield-upload\", \"effect\": \"fade\", \"method\": \"replace\", \"progress\": { \"type\": \"throbber\" }, \"button\": { \"op\": \"Upload\" } }, \"edit-field-story-image-0-filefield-remove\": { \"url\": \"/filefield/ahah/story/field_story_image/0\", \"event\": \"mousedown\", \"keypress\": true, \"wrapper\": \"edit-field-story-image-0-ahah-wrapper\", \"selector\": \"#edit-field-story-image-0-filefield-remove\", \"effect\": \"fade\", \"method\": \"replace\", \"progress\": { \"type\": \"throbber\" }, \"button\": { \"field_story_image_0_filefield_remove\": \"Remove\" } }, \"edit-field-story-image-1-filefield-upload\": { \"url\": \"/filefield/ahah/story/field_story_image/1\", \"event\": \"mousedown\", \"keypress\": true, \"wrapper\": \"edit-field-story-image-1-ahah-wrapper\", \"selector\": \"#edit-field-story-image-1-filefield-upload\", \"effect\": \"fade\", \"method\": \"replace\", \"progress\": { \"type\": \"throbber\" }, \"button\": { \"op\": \"Upload\" } }, \"edit-field-story-image-1-filefield-remove\": { \"url\": \"/filefield/ahah/story/field_story_image/1\", \"event\": \"mousedown\", \"keypress\": true, \"wrapper\": \"edit-field-story-image-1-ahah-wrapper\", \"selector\": \"#edit-field-story-image-1-filefield-remove\", \"effect\": \"fade\", \"method\": \"replace\", \"progress\": { \"type\": \"throbber\" }, \"button\": { \"field_story_image_1_filefield_remove\": \"Remove\" } } });\x3c/script\x3e" }

We are running Drupal 6.17, php 5.2.13 (5.2.14 on the dev site), ImageField 6.x-3.3, Safari 5.0.2, Mac OS 10.6.4

benklocek’s picture

I've just got this working with Safari 5, by using the code in #39, and changing my ping/close file to ping/close.php and sending a close header.

The issue I ran into with some of the other code (#38 for example) is that it's for the Prototype JS library.

The other issue is that drupal spits out some javascript that manipulates the mousedown event on "input.form-submit". I'm guessing this interferes with a simple mousedown() action. The code in #39 adds the action to the drupal event queue and allows it to be executed.

I have not tried the module yet.

Toddish’s picture

I get the same issue as #56 in Safari (5.0.1 (6533.17.8)) and also in Chrome (6.0.472.63) and Opera (10.62).

I've tried all the fixes on this page and none seem to work for me.

marinaqua’s picture

I have the same problem with Safari (5.0.2) and Opera (10.63), and none of the solutions work for me. Chrome(7.0.517.41) is working properly.

plan9’s picture

Title: Safari 5 intermittently fails to upload » Safari 5, Chrome and Opera intermittently fails to upload

Updating the title to reflect the fact that this is a wider browser issue.

marinaqua’s picture

As I wrote in my previous post (#59) I had the same problem. I'm not a programmer, so I started to disable the modules, compare the modified files with my theme's(Sky) initial ones, and by chance I've deleted the last "?>" php mark from my template.php and the "upload" problem has gone from both Opera and Safari browsers.
Actually I would really appreciate if anybody explain me this.

augiem’s picture

@benklocek #57

I'm still struggling with this issue on some sites and I've tried #38 to no avail. You mention using #39, but you haven't tried the module yet... #39 is the JS from the module, which doesn't look like it would work without the module installed. (Drupal.safari_upload = {...)

Would you mind posting the code of exactly what you did including the JS and the close.php file?


JonMcL’s picture


pribeh’s picture

@ augiem, have you tried removing empty spaces at the end of your theme's template.php file?

markabur’s picture

Started seeing this problem in Safari 5 on my MAMP setup, which had been working perfectly last week. I *think* the problem started when I turned on KeepAlive for Apache when I was performance-tuning. I can troubleshoot that I guess. I tried the module in #34 and it seems to be working though.

Rob T’s picture

I just ran into the same issue. So far, #53 has helped

mk31762’s picture

Very frustrating. I have tried all the fixes described here and still get the error. Not intermittently, either. I get it every time. I have to tell my users they can't use Safari. Mac users never take kindly to that.

betamos’s picture

Can someone please clarify where this bug is located? Is it WebKit, jquery.forms.js or a Drupal bug? This has been a major issue for my client until i found this thread and changed browser.

And btw, subscribing!

eme’s picture

Status: Postponed » Active

By installing latest cck release and latest Safari browser, you should get the bug easily.

None of the above hack worked for me...sadly.

Works on Chrome for me.

majorhallux’s picture

I get this issue in Internet Explorer 9 with the latest stable builds of cck, filefield and imagefield. The ajax throbber just spins and spins with no image upload. But 'save and continue' or 'save' uploads it just fine.

Going to look into my page.tpl.php file to see if that is an issue.

Any other headway on this?

genox’s picture

Same issue here in D6 and apparently also with D7 filefields and the mentioned browsers. Doesn't upload, eternal throbbing. Saving the node also uploads the picture correctly. Seems to be a broad issue and also affect D7 core fields. I have uploadprogress.so installed.

Edit: Disabling HTTP KEEPALIVE in my apache configuration fixed the problem for Safari (so far). Since I don't have much load, disabling keepalive does not make any difference in overall performance. Might make a difference on high load websites.

jide’s picture

@genox trick did work for me.
Just add "KeepAlive Off" to your vhost :

<VirtualHost *>
  KeepAlive Off
kris digital’s picture

I had the problem in D7 and wrapped it up in a small module. For me it solved the issue.


CarbonPig’s picture

@jide #72

Where does this code apply? What file.

Sorry if this is a dumb ?, but I'm lost and trying to resolve this issue.


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@CarbonPig: In your httpd.conf file. It is the Apache settings file.

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I stumbled onto a dumb little workaround on D6 using Safari : browse to the image and click Save. Do NOT click Attach. Just browse and save.
This has worked for me on there sites.

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THANKS!! You made my day! I was near a nervous breakdown since I had to upload *all* my podcast episodes on robotiklabor.de and wasn't able before. And I do not have access to any server configurations...

Again: Many thanks! Worked fine with D7.15.

PS.: Looked for me that I needed to install http://drupal.org/project/jquery_ui to bring your module to life, as well.

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The solutions proposed here seem to be accommodating for Safari browser bugs. As of late it seems like this problem has been happening with lesser frequency as people update their browsers to newer versions.

Here's the report for Webkit, but we can't actually see if Apple has solved the problem because it's been moved into their internal "Radar" tracker (apparently with the tracking number #7547183). My guess is that it's been fixed in newer versions of Safari.

I'm moving this to a support request, as I don't think ImageField is responsible for solving this issue.

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To be honest, I do not care anymore. Migrated to Wordpress now with all blogs. And I am very happy and have the feeling of arriving in the 21st century now...

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WordPress is a great blogging tool. Drupal 6 was originally released in 2008 and unlike WordPress, only receives new features in "major" releases, so using it definitely can feel like running crufty 5 year-old software. Maybe with the D8 release we can lure you back to Drupal for blogging. :)

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In my opinion (although I LOVE wordpress), It doesn't have the capabilities of drupal.
So yes, if you want something simple go for word-press. Otherwise go for drupal.