I want to remove the description field, I was wondeting if doing :


Would cause problems? Am I better to just hide it, or completely unsetting it is ok as well?


#9 og_description_dropper.tgz683 bytesmarcp
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I´ve found that if I want to use that field to something else, and as my language isn´t english, I can´t even do that!
That´s because the "Description" string isn´t managed by OG as it should, but is managed by other modules (ie. menu):

Built-in interface
modules/aggregator/aggregator.admin.inc:269;, modules/forum/forum.admin.inc:45,126; modules/menu/menu.admin.inc:286,419;, modules/node/content_types.inc:15,103;

So if I want that "Description" to say something else, it is changed in seveal "non-wanted" places at once.

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Hey there, do you have an idea if "Unsetting" that field would cause problems anywhere else in the site??

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I'm trying to hide, or auto generate the OG Description as well. Did either of you have any luck?

Thanks - Laura

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Status: Active » Fixed

not sure if unset() works well. if you can save a group and get no errors, then it worked.

ultimately, we should not have this field in OG. probably for d7 i will drop it.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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BTW, Yes unsetting the field works perfectly, it's really easy!!

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Hi Patchak (or anybody else if you know how)

Could you tell me how to unset the description field? I want to get rid of it too.


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Yes please, what do we put in the template page?

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683 bytes

Attached is a small module that hides the og_description field from users on the group node edit page.

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THANK YOU marcp for posting !!!! Out of all my efforts your module worked wonderfully.

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Glad it helped. We happened to need the exact same functionality for a site today, so it was good timing.

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That was probably the most intriguing OG feature... Get ride of it for peace of mind.

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marcp, you saved me a lot of pain in... one particularly soft place! Tried some unsetting but didn't work until I set higher weight for my helper module.

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It is working perfect!!! Very nice module!

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Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!