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Last updated: December 25, 2010 - 00:14

Release notes

  • #342004 by Amitaibu: Add css hint to prevent cramped-looking tables
  • #290657: Liquid layout does not have min-width enforced
  • #279896 by lutegrass: Help prevent double H1 tags on homepage that is not /node
  • #346706 by jsaints: Content clipped after page one when printing in Firefox
  • * Added $body_classes_array variable to page template
  • * Simplified body class generation code
  • * Fixed theme settings CSS for IE6 users
  • #288213 by budda: Tabs in IE have a text select cursor rather than hand pointer
  • #249823: Add options to toggle display of primary and secondary links
  • #281106 by kmonty: Erroneous whitespace when div.clear-block touches bottom edge of viewport
  • #279896: Help prevent double H1 tags on homepage that is not /node
  • #279896: Moved styles to zen.css that should never have been in layout.css
  • #255265 by kmonty: Don't "skip to nav" if there's no nav
  • #263228: Allow sub-themes to override wireframes.css
  • * Added sample override template file for search block's form
  • * Fixed _zen_hook() to look in sub-theme directory when $hook is not valid PHP function name
  • #223518: Option to show page title in breadcrumbs
  • #255263: Don't call preprocess functions twice when Zen is active theme
  • #253249: zen_id_safe fails when first character is extended latin
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