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I was just curious if this was supposed to be an intended side effect of pagination with AS? I've themed the AS field to be near the bottom of my registration page, and I have pagination enabled, but when I go to the next page, the entire page is refreshed which wipes out all the form fields.

For now I'm going to display all avatars at once, which is manageable for the timebeing, but is there any way there could be a JS or AJAX hook built in where the pagination occurs (or perhaps a scrollbar?) at the element level and thus doesn't affect the rest of the for fields?

Thanks for a great mod!


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The pager in the latest version is AJAX based, so this should no longer be an issue - though it was in earlier versions. Can you ensure you're using the latest version?

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Hi Stella, I was using the 6.x dev version from 2/9/09... this is the first install of AS for me, so I don't have any older versions that might cause a conflict.

I just completely removed the dev version and installed the 6.x-1.5 version, and this seems to have the AJAX-enabled functionality. The registration fields are no longer getting wiped out. I guess it was inadvertently omitted from the dev build?


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Is this issue fixed in the latest dev release dated 2009-Feb-09? I am on the verge of upgrading from an older stable dev release.

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Fixed in the latest dev release, available later today.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Released in 6.x-1.6.