I noticed this with Drupal 6's core administration theme implementation. When an anonymous user navigates to http://example.com/admin, they see the administration theme. I really don't like that. I think they should see the default site theme with the access denied message if they are not logged in. Only authenticated users with access to the administration pages should be shown the administration theme. I don't know if this is something that this module could fix, but it would be really nice if that was the case.


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This is the case right now. There is a permission available 'access admin theme'.

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Thanks! However this doesn't seem to be working for me... :/ I installed and activated the admin_theme module (6.x-1.1), which gives me the "access admin theme" permission. I gave my admin role the "access admin theme" permission (anonymous and authenticated roles do not have it). But when I log out and then navigate to http://example.com/admin it gives me the Access Denied message using the administration theme, and not the sites default theme. Am I missing a step? Thanks again.

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Hi adamo,

I just checked it out and you're correct. In able to allow this "feature", you have to make sure admin_theme module runs after the system module. You can check this by check if admin_theme has equal or height weight then system.module. You can change the weights of modules in the system table. Good luck!

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Ah, sweet, that did it! Thank you!

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