Using Aegir ( and a custom install profile which enables administerusersbyrole at install.

When the temp login link is sent to the admin, the link takes the user to an access denied page, and there is no possible way to create the root account without putting it in the DB.

I am going to begin working on a patch.


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Great. Yes, as you've noticed, I haven't tried using this module with either Install Profiles or Ægir. I'd be glad to accept a patch that fixes this issue.

Ægir is intriguing though.. I'm going to examine it further for assistance with my (hundreds of :^) Drupal installations.

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After screwing around with it trying to figure out where the issue is, I gave up and found the User Protect module, which had my required functionality and it works with Install Profiles.

The key issue in your module is somewhere along the line the status of the user is getting set to 0 (even before I click the link in the email).

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