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MD5: 002d999bb1a3ac4b911ca350a55014e9
SHA-1: 8b19ea8b5ca665272c5c3e6acba4c6a6ac748ac2
SHA-256: c00178a19bea5a7399416d085513b32b6da558b289b1999d3a150e7c75ad8c61
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MD5: 316040fa66e3cd5e18ca9f592fb2cb49
SHA-1: 274a6acad13bd593cabaef62642873bb91cae7f4
SHA-256: 864c00f06123e410981a99c00ada6a8df66c0c310f574b1f00dd9ebbdc24249a

Release info

Created by: ulf1
Created on: February 6, 2009 - 01:43
Last updated: February 6, 2009 - 01:43
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

01/17/2009 - ulf1
#360151: Invitation(RSVP) for un-registered users

01/09/2009 - ulf1
#356421: Translation/string issues
#356737: An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator.

01/08/2009 - ulf1
- Fixed: invitation email includes "n/a" instead the invitation message
- Fixed: check_plain for #default_value caused &amp characters showing up for some textual rsvp settings.

12/31/2008 - ulf1
- by rastatt: Added german translation. #352897: German translation

12/30/2008 - ulf1
- Disabled Wyssiwyg editor for "send message" body field.
- Fixed: "Send Message" email contains invitation text twice instead of the entered message.
- Fixed: Default setting for "Sender Information" under RSVP setting was missing. Resulted in wrong email address during mail sending.

12/30/2008 - ulf1
- Improoved invitation email and message email context.
- Fixed permission problem: Moderator can not send message emails if setting is restrictive.

12/29/2008 - ulf1
#351880: Error Message "Fatal error: Cannot access empty property"
- Fixed logic in status dialog: If response is "no", do not print "Attendee will bring a total of 1 guests".
- Reply box was not visible if an invitee has "rsvp moderator permissions".
- Edit icon was missing in distribution
- Fixed permission problem: guest list displays no responses for moderators, if detail level is restrictive, but
moderators should always see responses.
- Fixed problem with "current user" icon in guest list displayed in front of the wrong user.

12/25/2008 - ulf1
- Fixed a problem during hook_uninstall of rsvp
- More cleanup of the User Interface.

12/20/2008 - ulf1
- Fixed a problem that Invitation tab was not visible on nodes. Creation of Invitations was not possible.

12/19/2008 - ulf1
- Fixed problem that anonymous user can view and reply to Invitations

12/18/2008 - ulf1
- Added more fine-grained control.
- Distinguish now between invitees, respondents and attendees
- Control now over "view invitation" and "view guest list"
- More cleanup of the User Interface. The synonym RSVP has been removed from user accessible pages.

12/17/2008 - ulf1
#344324: adding RSVP admin per event
#263777: Share RSVP Results
- Added new abstraction for rsvp permission system
- Improved RSVP overview page.
- Improved settings page with better descriptions.

12/09/2008 - ulf1
#344338: emails sent have \n\r in front of each line
-Fixed a problem with attendees not having their emails properly stored which generates issues
when sending invitations.

12/05/2008 - ulf1
#344083: RSVP tab visible on other users user page
#344334: anon users can view and alter other RSVPs

12/04/2008 - ulf1
- port to drupal 6.0
- Now supports Drupal 6 and Date or Event.
- Now View 2 complient files. (removed contributes directory).
- Cleanup: Removed also rsvp.mysql
- Added a new permission "maintain rsvp"
- Added a page for admins/maintainers to manage all RSVPs.
- Added supports "Invitation Links" in Nodes.
- Added general RSVP setting to choose which email address to use.
- Added specific RSVP option to show attendees or just a summary.
- Added specific RSVP option to show responses only after reply.
- Added Comment field for attendees.
- Added completed abstraction of response list output using theme hooks.
- Added icons.
- It is now possible to create multiple rsvp's for the same start date (on same node).
- Attendees added by other people then the owner are now marked as such in the response list.
- Added configurable response text per rsvp.
- Added field for number of guests to invitation reply.

Port to D6 was done by ulf1.