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MD5: cf422ce4f46d032c7a86c593948fd627
SHA-1: a86bafbef235dd7db5b305ae1f5162485875c1af
SHA-256: fb44736d40f8e3f5c5f28f7fe9d3035c713b5386a8ec19c6317dc382cc950413
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MD5: e24acd12cd15c4d70022b1ff3c383709
SHA-1: 2bfd92436726fc93bf3bf6a96a0f9740e19c36ce
SHA-256: 0d343baa68dbf37250a05d4aaa17123f67f292dbc8e26f4e1b6e8d518469c8ec

Release info

Created by: ulf1
Created on: 6 Feb 2009 at 01:01 UTC
Last updated: 27 Jan 2010 at 18:25 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features

Release notes

01/26/10: sponsored by saverio: rsvp og plugin shows now users additional to the groups.

01/21/10: fixed by ulf1- #689126: send_immediatly bug? logic error to print out message 'New guests have been added. Do not forget to send the invitation.'

12/23/09: added by muhleder-[#547990,#583498] additional view additions.

12/23/09: added by jcmarco-#658790: Add support for vertical tabs added vertical tab support for Drupal 7.

11/16/09: added number of guests to CSV export file.

11/02/09: fixed by ulf1- [#2219464] Fixed handling for events that have no enddate set.
If you use "rsvp event connector", please disable, store and enable "rsvp event connector" again.
Fixed handling for reply_start and reply_end fields.

10/27/09: fixed by ulf1- #613890: function rsvp_function_load_guests creating invalid SQL for PostgreSQL

10/13/09: fixed by ulf1- #517462: warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty fixing "Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty" errors when deleting nodes containing invitations.
10/13/09: fixed by ulf1- #583448: Bug when using optional to dates event with an optional 'to date' caused php error in rare situations
10/13/09: fixed by ulf1- #599034: Invitation tab does not appear in invited users accounts Invitations tab does not appear under some circumstances.8/22/09: fixed by ulf1- #523980: Schema reports errors in table setup Schema reports errors in table setup
Uninstall and reinstall of rsvp module will apply the fix (loss of data).

8/22/09: fixed by ulf1- #555270: "Trying to get property of non-object" errors when enabling RSVP "Trying to get property of non-object" errors when enabling RSVP.

8/14/09: fixed by ulf1- Rsvp reply box showed incorrect available open seats.

8/14/09: fixed by ulf1- #548468: The "Invite other guests" option does not seem to work Rsvp guest toolbox did not show "Add Guest link"

7/29/09: fixed by ulf1- #528194: Why are variables being unset in the preprocess functions pass-on input variables so that other template_preprocess functions have still access to the raw data.

7/28/09: fixed by ulf1- #531042: Access Denied Error when affirming open invite "yes - attending"

7/8/09: fixed by ulf1- Invitation page header showed event subject and not the invitation subject. (User X has invited you to Y).
"No invitation sent [Send invitation]" block in guestlist always visible (not just for maintainer).

6/23/09: fixed by ulf1- #499372: Reply by email, limit Content Types, and CiviCRM Disable option block in content type if no date field available.

06/17/09: fixed by ulf1- #493586: Date Format Date connector: Date format in invitations was not based on date settings. Now it uses the "Default Display"
setting of the field.

05/26/09: fixed by ulf1- plaxo js is always been loaded. Load only when we want to use it while adding guests to invitation.
- #464270: Invitation message HTML encodes event varriables cleaned up wrong output mappings for title, invitation body, emails and some links

04/21/09: fixed by ulf1- guestlist and replybox have been shown below the node.
The settings 'Display guest list inside event/node' and
'Display reply box inside event/node' have not been considered when displaying the data.

03/16/09: improved guest list: show "all/part" link only if we have more then a total of 10 guests.

03/11/09: fixed by ulf1- replybox and guestlist does not show up for anonymous users.
fixed by ulf1- #397828: Fatal error: Call to undefined function rsvp_funtion_load_node()

03/10/09: fixed by ulf1- #396464: Installation issues Enabling of RSVP module sets event connector by default, and enabling the date connector will
fail because of that.
fixed by ulf1- Unregularities when selecting date field for date connector inside content-types.
added by ulf1- #397888: RSVP rocks! 2 cents about UI.. added new permission "rsvp multiple invitations per event"
fixed by ulf1- #397842: Signup integration does not seem to work

03/07/09: fixed by ulf1- #360151: Invitation(RSVP) for un-registered users Users can see others complete emailaddress in guest list. Only first part should be visible.
fixed by ulf1- #360151: Invitation(RSVP) for un-registered users anonymous guests can not see their invitation (Access denied).
Updated: Improved messages: Open invitation signup works only for authenticated users. Anonymous users are not permitted.
fixed by ulf1- Host Toolbox/"Export Guest list" visible to non moderators
fixed by ulf1- Guest list shows empty braces for guests that selected more then one "total guests".

03/04/09: fixed by ulf1- changed stylesheets a bit to make output more consistent.

03/03/09: fixed by ulf1- blocks were not visible
removed references to array_combine to make rsvp work with PHP4
guest list does not show correct guests with PHP4.

03/01/09: improved date calculation/extraction in date connector
date_connector requires now date version 6.x-2.0

2/27/09: fixed by ulf1- #385794: send all invites at once
#385834: @eventlink not working

2/25/09: fixed by ulf1- #383186: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
Cleanup: Associations are now being handled through the content type form under admin/content/types

2/18/09: fixed by ulf1- permission issue for moderators to view/access the admin/content/rsvp tab ("RSVP Management")

2/16/09: fixed by ulf1- fixed a style issue with right blocks not being displayed correctly when reply box is visible.

2/11/09: fixed by ulf1- #371238: Invitation tab

2/09/09: fixed by ulf1 - added missing t() at some places to allow translation of module.

2/8/09: fixed by ulf1 - #371193: This invitation contains no guests

Compared with RSVP 1.0, the following changes have been integrated

New Features:

Added: RSVP now include blocks: ("host toolbox", "guest toolbox", "guest list") #293409: RSVP: How to show a list of attendees to members?
Added: RSVP now has a control panel (use user/%uid/rsvp) [#199968]

Added: RSVP now supports "expert" and "basic" options to make life easier for non technical users. #356236: so much complicated
Added: default values for invitations.

Added: Guest list- Marking for the organizer (The organizer).
Added: Guest list- Icon to send message to a specific guest (for moderators).
Added: Guest list- Icon to send invitation to a specific guest (for moderators).
Added: Guest list- link to user profile for regular guests based on drupal permission.
Added: Guest list- Current date/time as field when guest replied, and last access date in guest list.
Added: Guest list- Sort order by Date and Alphabeticaly.
Added: Guest list- Show all feature.

Added: Guests can store their real name in the invitation system if they want to. #344326: replace pre-@ name with real name

Added: Automatic removale of guests uid from invitations if user is being removed.

Added: Actions #331423: RSVP multiple cck date fields, RSVP Views link, or RSVP Drupal actions?
current actions : add invitation, remove invitation, add Invitees, send Message, send Invitation, remove Invitee
*** functionality is not well tested though

Added: First version of a RSVP API

Added: RSVP Option: Disable answer "maybe". #36118: re: New Settings Page, "Maybe" optional, Direct Registration Link
Added: RSVP Option: Allow "open invitation" for authorized users #36118: re: New Settings Page, "Maybe" optional, Direct Registration Link
Added: RSVP Option: Send optional confirmation email to guests and owner when guests change their response. #344328: notify admin of RSVP changes
Added: RSVP Option: Integrate start and enddate during which guests can reply. #34183: Have an RSVP deadline

Added: General setting to permit invitations on already expired events
Added: General setting, Emails are now templates and can be changed.

Added: RSVP Handling: Proper Captcha positioning for reply box. #360253: CAPTCHA on RSVP form
Added: Integration with Buddylist2
Added: Integration with Friendlist
Added: Integration with User Relationship
Added: Integration with Plaxo Address Select widget [#180704], #258108: integrate Plaxo.module with RSVP attendees page
Added: Integration with Organic Groups #84918: Integration w/ OG module, #21400: One button RSVP to an Organic Group event
Added: Integration with Signup #67928: Integration w/ Signup module

Fixed problems:
Fixed: When moderator and adding guests (through our hash), force adding the guests as moderator to avoid the "Added by guest" flag in the guest list.
Fixed: Last access time for guests has not been updated properly.
Fixed: Guest List. number of guest calculation was wrong when guests bring more then one person.


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