When configuring Ubercart, after adding or changing the image for a product, I get this error:

warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/hofst12sky/public_html/sites/all/modules/filefield/filefield_field.inc on line 127.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

can you reproduce with a normal content type with a filefield? imagefield? Is it only on node creation or update? Is there an existing image?

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Same problem but with standard CCK setup. With an imagefield and on update with no existing image. Does it also on update of other data on a nodes with empty imagefields but only the first time.

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Same here:

Problem is in filefield_field.inc on line 127

// try to delete items from original node
$orig = node_load($node->nid);
// if there are, figure out which ones must go.
foreach($orig->$field['field_name'] as $oitem) {

If there are no images uploaded yet, $orig won't be an array.
Add this code in front of the foreach:
if(!is_array($orig->$field['field_name'])) {

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Fixed
Issue tags: +FileField

@zuuperman, thanks, it works indeed, I had the same problem.


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Title: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() » Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in filefield_field.inc on line 127
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Status: Fixed » Needs review

Yep same problem here... just changing status to patch so that they add the fix in..

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Same problem here

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Status: Needs review » Fixed
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Thanks for nailing this down. I applied the attached fix, which should accomplish the same goal.

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Title: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in filefield_field.inc on line 127 » Invalid argument supplied for foreach() when updating nodes
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Have applied the patch and the same error message has moved to line 129.

foreach($orig->$field['field_name'] as $oitem) {

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Status: Fixed » Active

Hmm. Does this occur when a node type does or does not have a FileField in it?

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I've got the same problem:

warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /sites/all/modules/contributions/filefield/filefield_field.inc on line 127.

It happen after I've uploaded picture to my content (via imagefield 6.x-3.0-alpha4).
Filefield: "6.x-3.0-alpha7"

It can be related to: #325097: warning: preg_match() expects parameter 2 to be string in common.inc on line 1075 and bootstrap.inc on line 732 errors

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I know it feels like I'm redirecting just about every issue to this patch, but could you try out #397578: Uncouple ImageField from FileField Custom Hooks and see if it corrects the problem? It removes a lot of the funky ImageField/FileField bugs when they're used together. Make sure you have a complete backup of your site (both files and database) before trying it out please.

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698 bytes

Hi quicksketch,

In any case it would be better to have this part coded defensively. You can avoid the error message by simply adding a cast to an array. A FALSE or NULL will then be converted to an empty array. Here is a patch I just rolled for you that will remove the error message for now and you can concentrate on doing the decoupling.

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Status: Active » Fixed

This should be fixed by #370531: Properly Handle Revisions for document control. Please try out the development version or CVS HEAD to confirm it's really gone. The new segment of code is:

  // Delete items from original node if no new revision was created.
  $orig = node_load($node->nid); 
  // If there are, figure out which ones must go.
  if ($node->revision == 0 && !empty($orig->$field['field_name'])) {
    foreach ($orig->$field['field_name'] as $oitem) {
      if (!in_array($oitem['fid'], $curfids)) {
        // For hook_file_references, remember that this is being deleted.
        $oitem['field_name'] = $field['field_name'];

The !empty($orig->$field['field_name']) check should prevent this error in the case the field doesn't exist at all.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)
Issue tags: -FileField

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