Thanks for the work you have done so far on this module, I can definitely foresee its possibilities but sadly cannot put them to practice.
Documentation for most of it's extend says "you can do this" but doesn't explain how...

I'm pulling my hair trying to understand how can I execute a rule set when cron run. Can you please explain me?



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Component: Documentation » Rules Engine

On Triggered rules page, there is a tab to add a new rule; in that page, there is the Event field which gives Cron maintenance tasks are performed like choice.
That is the event the module associates to cron tasks.

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I saw that but the only conditions available are:
- Path has alias(es)
- URL alias exists
- Check a truth value
- Numeric comparison
- Textual comparison

So imagine I want to make a rule where node older than X days are unpublished, how can I do that with this limited set of conditions?


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It's not possible to do that during cron maintenance tasks; that is because during cron maintenance tasks, Rules doesn't have a node object.

It would be possible to do what you are trying to do using the Content is going to be viewed event; in that case, you could check if the node is older than X days, and unpublish it.

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From what I've saw, the "Content is going to be viewed" is applied to all nodes that match the conditions (and not just the node the user viewed).
In a website with hundreds of members browsing daily the nodes types that trigger the rule, isn't that going to increase tremendously the server load?


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Content is going to be viewed is an event that applies for a node that is going to be viewed (and not to all the nodes present in the site); the conditions are then checked against the node that is going to be viewed, and can restrict to which nodes the actions would be applied.

I don't think this would increase too much the server load.

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Hi There,

It would be fantastic if we could complete a "select objects" to collect arguments for the following action. For instance I would like a select object based on CCK fields from a userprofile, returning the associated users.

This would be make Drupal truly flexible and would allow expiry of users, or demotion of users based on time events rather than non-time based events.

Other object selects could be based on pure nodes (return node ids and/or referenced node is based on:
- CCK field contents
- node contents
- taxonomy content

thanks for reading and considering this; or am I barking up the wrong tree, is there an alternative I have missed ?

As an aside: I would like to install only a few flexible modules and use flexible configuration to buld the site rather than lots of modules that do one specific job, then having the issue around ongoing support of niche modules and the integration issues that come from having lots of modules installed.

So I am looking for workflow-ng to be able to run on cron, select a user that meets a particular requirement based on their roles and info stored in CCK fields on a userprofile that is associated with a user; remove all roles, then add a set of (different) roles.


oh, btw, this implementation could also meet the original posters issue, hence why I posted this request here.

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oh, btw, this implementation could also meet the original posters issue, hence why I posted this request here.

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@richard.e.morton: If you would like to start a discussion about your feature request, please create an issue for it. It's out of place here.

Marking as fixed.

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