Please forgive me if this is not a lightbox2 issue.

I am using imagefield + imagecache + lightbox2 to display images on my website. Google has not crawled any of my images, despite the site being up several months. All my websites with this particular setup are experiencing the same problem. It may be due to the link structure that lightbox2 generates. Stella's homepage has different link properties, but I'm not sure if she also uses imagefield and imagecache. I am using lightbox2 version 6.x-1.x-dev (2009-Jan-12).

Stella, would you mind if I sent you a link?



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Lightbox shouldn't have any effect on whether Google successfully crawls your site or not. Have you checked your robots.txt settings? Also if you're using the 'private' file system settings, then this may affect it but can't say for sure.

You can send me the link to your site if you want, but I'm unsure I will be able to help you further.


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Argh.. My robots.txt disallows /sites/ which is where cck/imagefield stores images by default.

Thank you for the tip!

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Status: Active » Fixed

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Allow: /sites/*/images/ should solve for images put in that path, correct? Equally, Allow: /sites/*/files/?

Thanks, Ken

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I don't think you can "Allow" anything in robots.txt, I think you can only Disallow.
That is indeed a problem. I am going to search a bit more, and file an issue in core's queue.