I am wondering why there is no posts in the category I have created. This category includes languages like visual basic, asp, c/c++, java, etc.

I have enable the language field to become a link in content types under the display fields tab. But when I click that link no contents or posts are display.

Here the example of what I mean.

In my page at http://www.sourcecodester.com/tutorials/visual-basic/how-sort-date-listv... there's a link "visual basic". Please click that link. The url should look like this: http://www.sourcecodester.com/category/language/visual-basic.

But no contents are displayed. Anyone know what is missing in my configuration?


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I have a few Drupal sites. One of them works great. When I click on a taxonomy term, all of the tagged content shows up. I have two other sites where it's not working. I have several pieces of content tagged with taxonomy, but when I click on the taxonomy term I get "There are currently no posts in the category."

jaypabs -- I looked at your visual basic link and it looks like you're still having the problem. too.

Can someone lend a hand? This is driving me nuts. I don't know why it works for one site and not another.

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Yes. This is very frustrating. I hope somebody can help on this.

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Did you guys check the database and make sure whether or not the nodes are actually being assigned the terms?

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Are you guys using Content Taxonomy CCK fields?

If so, make sure in Manage Fields you configure this field to use the "Save values additionally to the core taxonomy system (into the 'term_node' table)." option, otherwise it is only saved as a normal CCK field value.

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Brian -- thanks so much. That box was not checked off and that was in fact the problem. Thank you for reading and responding. Huge help!

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I have already checked the "Save values additionally to the core taxonomy system (into the 'term_node' table)" but still doesn't work. When I click the language field link the message is still: There are currently no posts in this category.

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Hi Brian,

This works only for new or updated nodes. I have a lot of nodes so updating each one by one takes a lot of time. Is there any other option?

I wish I enabled this before I add content to my website.

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Try using http://drupal.org/project/taxonomy_multi_edit, this adds an "Assign to a taxonomy term" option to Admin / Content, this should allow to assign them in bulk much more easily.

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Thank you

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Thanks for this tip! Saved me a lot of headache.