Hello all
I hope someone out there can help me with this. I need to have an interactive clickable map of a continent divided into country regions. A user should click on a country and the site should produce relevant info and content specific to the country selected. I tried using the GMap module but its not looking like it can help me. can anyone give me ideas how to go about it or point me in the right direction?

Many thanks.


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what is the "level" u want?

just by state?
need zoomable ?

pls give the details.

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Hi. Thanks for responding.
Let me give more details. I am desigining a site that would require me to display news, articles, photos and contents for specific countries in Africa. For example, a user would click on Nigeria and all relevant information for the country in respect to the data to be gathered would be presented to the user.
It does not have to be zoomable and yes, it would be country by country.

Does this info help?


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Very interesting concept.

I could see the use for the module you suggested, but instead of Africa I would use the United States(similar to http://davidlynch.org/js/maphilight/docs/demo_usa.html).

I'm guessing I need to supply my own map image?

I would like to link each state to a faceted search provided by the Faceted Search module (CCK fields).

Basically the interactive map will be displayed
--> the user clicks on New York on the map
--> then the website displays the facets only relating to New York (Probably via Drupal view)

Is this doable with the module you suggested?


Would it be better to approach this interactive map/faceted search/CCK fields with one of Drupal's Google modules? Which module would be best? One of my CCK fields is a drop-down option list of all 50 US states, how can I link the CCK field state to the Google map?


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The module linked above (i'm the maintainer) just highlights the interactive hotspots on an html client side image map. But yes, you could set up an image map to link through to different views-- use the module (or even just the jquery plugin) if you want those linkable hotspots to highlight.

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I'd like to replicate RateMyProfessors clickable map (ratemyprofessors.com Find your school --> show map).

When a user clicks a state (say PA) I would like it to link a views page that contains all listings associated to that state (PA) as well as other facets (drill down - state --> city etc.)

Possible? What's the best way? Use the DIY Map module (http://drupal.org/project/diymap)?

I'd like the place the clickable map on a page composed of a mini panel, can I make the clickable map a mini panel pane?

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What do you think is the best solution? I am working on a similar case too. When a user clicka on a state on the United States map, a list of hospitals is displayed.

Any guidance in this case will be highly appreciated.

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Yes similar to what you have. Basically a geographic location would be linked via taxonomy etc. to a node/content type.

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What builder you're using to create that gorgeous interactive map and can you share the details?

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Is any progress for a clickable map?
The Premium's map is very nice, but now it's not available in the posted website.

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Have you looked into OM Maxmenu and OM Maps modules?


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Maybe you can do this outside of Drupal, just by creating the corresponding map on Google Graphs and embedding the code as HTML Would that work?


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We've just released a new module, which may be interesting for these kind of needs.