i installed gmap, location, view modules
according to

now i can "edit" , i can "preview" map, but it won't appear in the "view" mode.

here is the image captured in flickr


any suggestion?


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How did you create your views? Is it working on node?

suryanto rachmat

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thank you.

i didnt create view at the time i posted that content with new content type as tutorial told.

but in fact i omitted the following step of tutorial

8. View this
a. Node Locations
i. Edit default map in Administer -> Site Configuration -> GMap Location – set node map center to 54,-114 to show US

which I can not figure out how to implement in 5.0.
not sure if it is causing the problem.

appreciate if you'd help.



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Hi Kenji,

You need to configure input format for gmap macro. Administer -> Site Configuration -> Input Format -> Filtered HTML -> Configure. Then enable GMap macro expander.

Then you need to configure location. Administer -> Site Configuration -> Location. Enable 'Use a Google Map to set latitude and longitude'.

When you add content type, create a mark at your location on map and type [gmap] in your content. Then it will show gmap in your node.

I hope this will help you.

Suryanto Rachmat

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This was sooo helpful: "type [gmap] in your content"...

I can't believe this was not told in modules' docs or i missed it. I tried any possibility for almost 2 days, no solution; and [gmap] solved it.


Typing [gmap] only shows default gmap, not the location you created. :( If you create a macro and paste it to content, it works. But this is not the "right way" i think.

About view: Do you mean view module and creating a view by using it? If i have to use View module too... i did not like this...

Again my problem: I can create a location and see it ok while creating; but it disappears when viewing page(logged in or out, doesn't matter).

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If I type [gmap] in my content there is only the text [gmap] to see and i dont know why. The Link to the tutorial isnt working anymore, can someone explain to me how this thing works?

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If you're seeing [gmap] in the node view, then you still need to enable the gmap input filter. Look at the "Kenji you need to" response, third from the top comment on this node.

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This made it SOOOO easy. Thanks for the post.

For the questions below, when you enable the build a gmap macro you will get an option in your navigation bar to build a gmap maco. Go there to set up your map and at the bottom will be the [gmap ..................] to paste into your content.

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hi suryanto, my content profile show only location, with the longtitude and latitude, however not shown any map display?
please help

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The Latitude and Longitude of the Gmap is not showing , Please guide me how to give the latitude and longitude using Views

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Nevermind ! i got a good tutorial link for gmap and it works