Last days I've remarked a critical error. All my assets (asset-module) are deleted from the server (files/admin). After reuploading them everything seems ok, however today all assets are deleted again.

I found out that the bio module is the reason for this (at least it seems so).

1. if a new user registers a new bio-node is produced automaticly
2. if you delete the user BEFORE deleting this bio-node an error occurs:

"Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in [...]/httpdocs/modules/nodereferrer/nodereferrer.module in Zeile 294."

3. The pictures are deleted from the server if you delete the bio-node or not.

Are there any hints how to avoid this error (htaccess, chmod, deinstall bio ...)?

See for same issue at asset-module.


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I'm able to reproduce this error. Anyone who can help solving this (critical) problem?