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If a basic search does not return the result you are looking for, or it brings back too many results, here are some tips that can help improve the results:

Limit your search

On the right sidebar of every search, you will see several blocks allowing you to refine your search (by type, by author) and reorder the results. You can also browse projects on the project download page.

Set up a Firefox search shortcut

Firefox allows you to add custom search shortcuts, so you can directly type your search in the Firefox address bar.

Here is an example to setup a shortcut for a general search.

  1. Go to, perform a search using the site-wide search box, or click on this link to search for 'views'.
  2. Bookmark the result page.
  3. Open your browser's bookmark manager. Find the bookmark you just created. Change the properties of the bookmark as following:
    1. Give it a keyword name, you can pick any letter or phrase as you want to use for this shortcut. In this example, we will use 'dms' for Drupal module search.
    2. In location/url, replace your search term ('views' in this example) with %s.
  4. Now you have successfully defined a 'Drupal module search' shortcut. The next time you want to search for a Drupal module, you can simply type 'dpm searchterm' in the Firefox address bar.

Set up a Chrome search shortcut/engine

With chrome you have something similar like firefox search shortcuts called search engines.

  1. Rightclick on your url bar.
  2. Open "Edit Search Engines"
  3. There input the same kind of urls as listed on firefox

Useful shortcuts

Below are some other useful shortcuts. The search term has been replaced with %s, so you can directly copy/paste it.

Drupal 7.x API search
Drupal 6.x API search
Drupal 5.x API search
Search for book pages
Search for modules
Goto a project page
Goto a issue queue of a certain project
Goto a certain node(by nid) on

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