Is there any way to add a 'button' to the user edit page to immediately re-send the welcome message to that specific user? A feature that really should be in core :)


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See #80614: Option to re-send welcome email and reset password for a resurrected thread proposing this be in core.

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+1 for this.

Manual sending of the message would make this module really useful. I like to be more selective about when I bother people.

A robust implementation would allow this not only on individual User Edit pages, but as an action from the Users list -- choose a bunch of users and send it to them.

#80614: Option to re-send welcome email and reset password was marked duplicate of #5688: Resend welcome message from admin user/edit. This issue has been around awhile...

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+1 "me too" this feature. This module seems a reasonable place to poke. Issues #80614 and #5688 appear to recurse into oblivion. Many thanks...

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I'd say that this probably does belong as a patch to core as suggested in #5688: Resend welcome message from admin user/edit and #80614: Option to re-send welcome email and reset password or as a separate (albeit simple) module rather than in Account Reminder module. If I ever get a free moment from my day job I might take a poke around the patches in those issues. Patches are welcome to Account Reminder as well.

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+ 1 to this!

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