I am just working on a site where I need a language switcher. Unfortunately can I not use the nice languageicons module because they put the icons in a list under each other. On this side is the switcher going up into the header so there is not that much vertical space.

I need just the flags to be next to each other. Could someone point me in the direction how I can modify the languageicons. Or is there already a module to switch languages which does not take up so much space.



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just to say, I am looking for this bit of moe flexibility as well and shall let you know if i find something - would be nice if you could do the same.

Have a look at - http://drupal.org/node/242646 and have a look at http://drupal.org/node/298098 where they tell us where to put it

Let me know if it works - I am quite new to a lot of this and will experiment now - thanks

Good luck .....
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I don't have a multilingual site to verify with but you should be able to style the language icon block with css. For example, add adding "display:inline" to a list selector will make the list horizontal instead of vertical.

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