This occurs with the latest versions of FF, IE7, Opera, and Safari. The attached image shows the dropdown items (all "DUMMY") falling behind the lower menu ("FORUM").

I don't think that this is a CSS overflow issue, as menu items further down on the list start appearing later on the page after the menu that masks several of the earlier items.

Again, this is not restricted to one browser, but appears with all the aforementioned browsers.

I am using a custom zen-based theme. The menus are in separate panels2 mini-panels in the header region of the page.

All Drupal modules are the latest available.

Thanks for any clues.

nice_menus_issue.png6.04 KBDaniel Norton
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I'd try looking at position:relative settings in the theme. When I remove that from the ul.nice-menu, ul.nice-menu ul in firebug, the menu works ok.

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Thanks, but that has no effect for me. Here's the actual website page:

(if you're using IE7, beware that I'm in the middle of turning CSS aggregation off and on while debugging.)

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Just to add to the story.

I see the same sort of behavior with a menu. for me it is the same menu. Only in low resolution 800x600 does the menu wrap to a new line. Thus obscuring the drop downs from the top items. Obviously works fine for higher resolutions.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Any progress?

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (fixed)

No response, closing.

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For anyone looking for an answer to this, I had this same issue on a site I was developing. Turns out the issue was to do with z-index. The top and bottom menu root ul element have the same z-index, and thus most browsers render the element appearing later in the document as being on top. If you specifically assign a higher z-index to the top menu ul, then it will flow on top of the lower menu. Something like:

Hope that helps.


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Hi, Matt,

For Comment #6 above ... how did you assign the z-index?



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For example, this sets a very high z-index:

z-index: 99;

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Thank you guys. It works nice. :)